Compare Bissell Spotbot 78r5/Spotbot Pet 33n8a vs Little Green 1400B Difference

Bissell 33N8A vs 1400B

The difference between Bissell Spotbot 78r5/Spotbot Pet 33n8a and Little Green 1400B are as follows.
(Spotbot and Spotbot Pet are identical.)

The major difference that may influence your buying decision is that the Bissell Spotbot/Spotbot Pet has spiral brush at the bottom, and allows you to push a button to get it start cleaning carpet stains automatically. You just place the machine over the carpet spot that you want to clean, then it will spray, brush, and remove the stains and odors automatically.
Whereas the Little Green does not have this hands free feature.

Other differences are the tank capacity, product weight, included formula.
The Little Green has larger capacity, it holds up to 48 oz versus 32 oz on the Spotbot/Spotbot Pet.
The Little Green is lighter.
The Little Green comes with one bottle of trial size formula whereas the Spotbot/Spotbot Pet have 2 bottles – one bottle of 16 oz and one bottle of 8oz.

Below are some similarities.
Both of them do not have a water heater. Commonly, you should use hot tap water.
Both have 2 tanks – one for holding cleaning solution and one for collecting dirty water.
Both have hand tool and flex hose.
They carry 1 year limited warranty.

To learn more, you can download the manuals.
Spotbot/Spotbot Pet user guide

Little Green manual

Please share your reviews below if own any of these Bissell spot removers.

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