Compare Electrolux Ergorapido

There are a few models of Electrolux Ergorapido, like Ergorapido EL1014A, Ultra EL1009A, Ultra+ EL1020A, Ultra+ EL1022A, Green EL1024A, EL1016A, and EL1030A.

Here are some differences between electrolux ergorapido models.

Battery Type:
EL1014A is powered by 9.6V NiMH battery;
Ultra EL1009A, Ultra+ EL1020A, Ultra+ EL1022A, Green EL1024A, and EL1016A are powered by 12V NiMH battery;
EL1030A is powered by 18v Lithium Ion battery.

Run Time:
EL1030A runs 30 mins at normal speed and 16 mins at high speed; while the other models runs 20 mins at normal speed and 12 mins at high speed.

Charge Time:
EL1030A charges much faster than the other models since it is driven by Lithium Ion but not NiMH battery.
EL1030A takes about 4 hours to fully charge, the other models takes more than 16 hours.

Ultra+ EL1020A, Ultra+ EL1022A, Green EL1024A and EL1030A come with headlight illuminates the cleaning path, while EL1014A, EL1009A and EL1016A don’t.

Ion EL1030A weighs 5.1 lbs while the others weighs 5.3 lbs.

The MSRP which is $129.99: EL1014A;
The MSRP which is $149.99: Ultra EL1009A and EL1016A;
The MSRP which is $169.99: Ultra+ EL1020A, Ultra+ EL1022A, Ultra+ EL1022A, and Green EL1024A.
The MSRP which is $249.99: Ion EL1030A.

Similarities between electrolux ergorapido models:

They have 2 stage snap filter;
180-degree swivel head;
motorized brushroll;
high and normal speed control options;
8.3 inches cleaning path;
2-in1 combination stick and handheld design;
the dust cup capacity of Ergorapido is 0.1 gallons;
they all have crevice tool and dusting brush;
2 year limited warranty.

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