Compare Hoover Floormate vs Floormate Edge what’s the difference?

Below are some differences between Hoover Floormate FH40150 and Floormate Edge FH40190.

Mode Selection
The Floormate has the Wash/Dry mode selection switch near the handle.
The one on the Edge is on the base.

Tank Capacity
The Floormate Edge clean water tank holds more, its capacity is 1 quart versus 0.75 quarts on the Floormate.

Edge to Edge Suction
According to Hoover, the Floormate Edge provides even suction across the entire nozzle, they name it Edge to Edge Suction. The Floormate does not have this feature.

The Floormate Edge weighs 13 pounds versus 13.8 pounds on the Floormate.

Nozzle Width
The Floormate nozzle is 11.5-inch wide versus 11-inch on the Floormate Edge.

Clean Boost Trigger
The Floormate has a Clean Boost control on the handle that allows you to press to apply extra detergent to clean the extra dirty area.
The Floormate Edge does not have this control.

Edge to Edge Suction
The Floormate Edge has a Edge-to-Edge Suction feature that provides even suction across the entire nozzle while the Floormate does not feature.

The Floormate Edge SpinScrub block has 5 counter rotating brushes while the Floormate uses 4 counter rotating brushes.

Motor Amp
According to Hoover product pages, the Floormate motor amps is 3.5 amps versus 6.3 amps on the Floor Edge.

The Edge handle can be removed for compact storage while the Floormate handle is not removable.

Both of them have dual tanks and dual cleaning modes.

If you know other difference between them, or find any error in the above info, please comment below.

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