Compare Hoover SteamVac Models

Let’s discuss the similarity and difference between the Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaners, including Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge(F5914900, F5914900PC, F5915905, F5915905NC), SteamVac Plus with Clean Surge (F5914901NC).
The machine body seems to be the same, the only difference might be the color and the tools they come with. Some models come with the SpinScrub Powered Hand Tool and Upholstery Tool, such as the F5914900, while some come with only the Upholstery Tool, such as the F5915905

Here is reply from Hoover customer care

The units are the same. The model numbers are different because of where the units are sold retail wise as well the color. The tools vary per model as well.

If you know more difference between them, please share below to help people choose the right Steamvac carpet washers.

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