Compare Neato XV Signature Pro vs Roomba 880 Differences and Similarities

If you are deciding between the Neato XV Signature Pro and iRobot Roomba 880, the info below might be helpful to you.

Some Key Difference between Neato XV Signature Pro and Roomba 880:
Roomba 880 vs Neato XV Signature Pro

If you care about the cost, then the price difference matter to you.
The Roomba 880 is priced at $699.99 on whereas the Neato does not have an official store, they just offer a MSRP for the Neato XV Signature Pro that is $449.
So, that’s about $250 difference on the price.

Mapping and Navigation Cleaning Technology
The Neato employs the RPS (Room Positioning System) laser guided technology to scan and map the room, clean with a methodical straight line path.
Whereas the Roomba use the iAdapt technology to clean the room with random patterns.
The Neato looks more intelligent, it cleans your house more efficient and faster.
Whereas the Roomba takes longer time to clean the same size area since it bounce around randomly.
When cleaning large house with multiple rooms, the Roomba does not perform as well as Neato, it can miss spots.

Side Brush
The Roomba 880 has a spinning side brush to help clean edge and corners whereas the Neato XV Signature Pro has no side brush.
So, the Roomba wins on cleaning edges and corners.

Resume Cleaning
When they run low on battery during cleaning process, they can automatically go back to charging base to recharge.
However, the Roomba does not have the ability to resume cleaning whereas the Neato XV Signature Pro can return to finish cleaning where it left off once it have recharged.

Robot Height
The Neato height is 4 inch whereas the Roomba 880 has a height of 3.6 inch.
Sometimes, the 0.4 inch difference on height does matter, because it restrict the Neato from getting under some furniture that the Roomba can reach.

Remote Control
The Roomba 880 has a Remote Control that allows you to turn on/off Roomba and steer it around without touching the Roomba.
Whereas the Neato does not have a remote control.

Noise Level
The noise level of the Roomba is lower.

Main Brush System
The Neato XV Signature Pro uses one main brush to grab dirt. Inside the package box, there are 2 swappable brushes including 1 Combo Brush and 1 Blade Brush. The Combo Brush picks up pet hair better and produce less noise than the Blade Brush.
While the Roomba 880 employs Dual Brushless Extractors that requires less maintenance.

The Neato is D-shape while the Roomba is Round.

They both come with the barrier type of kits that stop the robot from entering off-limits areas.
The Roomba 880 uses Virtual Wall whereas the Neato XV Signature Pro uses Boundary Markers that is a magnetic strip.

Some similarities: can be scheduled to clean, can avoid drop-offs, can auto dock and recharge, can spot clean.

It is no doubt that both Neato and iRobot Roomba are great robotic vacuum cleaners. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, just pick the one that fits your needs better.

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