Compare Shark NV80 vs NV400 what’s the difference?

Find the difference between Shark NV400 and Shark NV80 by comparing the specs side by side.
NV80 vs NV400

This is one of the key difference between Shark NV80 and NV400. The NV400 is equipped with headlight while the NV80 does not have a head lamp to illuminate low light areas.

The NV80 comes with 2 cleaning wands while the NV400 has one extension wand.

Dust Cup
The Shark Navigator Professional NV80 is equipped with a larger dust cup than the Shark Rotator Professional NV400.

The NV80 is white with gold while the NV400 is white with red.

The NV400 is lighter.

Cleaning Path
The NV80 has a cleaning path of 9.5″ while it is 10″ on the NV400.

The NV80 is a bit cheaper.

The NV80 includes a 5.5″ Crevice Tool, 16″ Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, and Pet Hair Power Brush.
While the NV400 comes with a dusting brush, 18″ crevice tool, and a turbo brush.

Similarities between Shark Navigator Professional NV80 and Shark Rotator Professional NV400:
10 amps, 1200 watt power;
30-foot power cord;
carry 5 year limited warranty;
Never Loses Suction Technology;
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with HEPA Filtration to trap more debris and expel better quality air;
Swivel Steering for better control to maneuver around furniture.;
No lift away feature;
No manual height adjustment;
No retractable cord.

Download manual to learn details:
NV80 Manual:
NV400 Owner’s Guide:

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