Compare Shark Steamer SK410 vs SK460 Difference

These Shark Steamers provide 3 cleaning modes – Steam Only, Spray Only, or Steam and Spray.
The Pro Shark Steam & Spray SK460 steam control is different from the original version SK410.
The SK460 features Shark Intelligent Electronic Steam Control which has 3 distinct steam settings, each of them is designed for different cleaning needs. With the Intelligent Electronic Steam Control, you can push a button to select between the 3 levels of steaming – SaniFiber disposable pad, MOP, and SCRUB.
Whereas the SK410 uses manual steam control, user has to pump the handle manually to get steam, this lets the user control the amount of steam needed, they call it Steam on Demand. This is the key difference between these 2 Shark steamers.

The other difference between Shark Steam & Spray SK410 and Shark PRO Steam & Spray SK460 is the Water Tank Capacity.
The Pro version has a larger water tank.
The original SK410 holds 350ml whereas the Pro SK460 holds 450ml.

Otherwise, they are the same.
Both of them have a removable power cord and integrated cleanser spray.

The SK410L and SK410W are almost the same as the SK410, the difference is the color and accessories they come with.
The included tools and accessories may vary depends on where you buy them.

You can read manuals to learn more.
Shark SK410 Manual –
Shark SK460 Manual –

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