Dyson DC14 vs DC24 Multi Floor Review: what is the difference?

Below are some of the differences between dyson DC14 and DC24 Multi Floor:
Dyson DC14 Multi Floor versus DC24 Multi Floor

Cord Length
DC14 has a much longer cord.
The cord length of DC14 is 35.4 feet while DC24 has a cord length of only 20 feet.

Bin Capacity:
DC14 has a much bigger bin.
The bin capacity of DC14 is 0.71 gallons while DC24 has a bin capacity of only 0.19 gallons. Therefore, you have to empty DC24 more often.

DC14 has a 12 amp motor while DC24 has a 6.5 amp motor. More amps means more power.

Suction Power:
DC14 has a suction power of 250 air watts while DC24 has only 115 air watts.

DC24 is lighter.
DC24 weighs 11.65 lbs while DC14 weighs 18.56 lbs.

DC24 is smaller.
The dimensions of DC24 is 29.6″ x 11.0″ x 13.7″(HxWxD) while the dimensions of DC14 is 44.86″ x 14″ x 13.38″(HxWxD).

Removing Blockage from Brush Bar:
It is more difficult to remove blockage from the brush bar of DC14.
For DC24, you can just remove the brush bar to clear the blockage; but the brush bar of DC14 is not removable, it takes more work to unblock the beater bar.

The wand of DC14 is longer than the DC24.

Movement Type:
DC14 use fixed wheel while DC24 features Ball technology.

DC14 comes with a brush tool, a stair tool and a crevice tool; DC24 comes with a combination accessory tool.

Overall, if you have a large house, then the DC14 which has much more powerful suction, longer cord, and larger bin is better; if you have a small apartment, then go for DC24.

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