Dyson DC17 vs DC25 Animal Review: what is the difference and which is better?

Want to purchase a Dyson upright pet vacuum, but cannot decide which one to buy, DC17 Animal or DC25 Animal? Let’s help you. Just read the comparison below and find some of the main differences between DC17 and DC25 Animal.

Dyson DC17 Animal versus DC25 Animal

DC17 has stiffer as well as longer bristles than the DC25. Because of this, some customers said DC17 did a better job on carpets. However, customers also said DC17 might also rip off weak carpet fibers. If you have loop fiber carpets, DC25 is better while DC17 is better for straight fiber carpets.

Bin Capacity
DC17 has a bigger bin.
The bin capacity of DC17 is 0.625 gallons while it is 0.31 gallon on DC25.

DC17 is heavier.
DC17 weighs 20.79 lbs while DC25 weighs 16.12 lbs.

Cord Length
DC17 has a longer cord.
The cord length of DC17 is 35 feet while DC25 has a cord length of 24.6 feet. 24.6 foot cord is too short to vacuum a large house.

Removing Blockage from Brush Bar
It is more difficult to remove blockage like long pet hair from the brush bar of DC17.
For DC17, you have to remove the soleplate first, then use a pair of scissors to cut away the wrapped fibers and hair, you cannot remove the brushbar to do this. For DC25, the brush bar is removable, this makes it easier to unblock the brushbar.

Clog Problem
DC17 is easier to get cloged, since its holes around the cylinder is a bit small, whereas DC25 has bigger holes.

Overall, DC17 has stiffer bristles for thick carpets and it has 35 foot long cord; DC25 is easier to use, it is lighter but has short cord, smaller dirt bin.
Which is better depends on your needs, so just choose the one that fits your needs. For more info, you can read the Dyson DC17 Animal Review and DC25 Animal Review.

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