Dyson DC40 Origin vs Animal what’s the difference?

Dyson DC40 Animal vs DC40 Origin

The Dyson DC40 Animal and the DC40 Origin are the same thing in performance, however, the color scheme is different, and the DC40 Animal is more expensive because of the additional tool it comes with.

The DC40 Origin is grey with yellow whereas the DC40 Animal is grey with purple.

Included Tools:
The DC40 Origin comes with a Combination Tool for spot cleaning & gentle dusting, and a Stair Tool for cleaning stairs.
Apart from the Combination Tool and Stair Tool, the DC40 Animal also comes with a tool that are specifically designed for homes with pets, it’s the Mini Turbine Head that can be attached to the wand
or hose for removing pet hair and dirt from carpeted stairs, upholstery, and confined spaces.

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