Dyson DC50 vs DC59

These 2 are different types of vacuum cleaners. Dyson DC50 is a corded compact size upright while the DC59 is a cordless stick/hand vacuum.
Here are some points you should consider before buying:
1, Do you want a corded or battery driven vacuum?
Dyson DC50 is corded, DC59 is battery powered.

2, About the weight. Light or even lighter?
Dyson DC50 is a light upright while the DC59 is a 7 pounds lighter stick/hand vacuum.

3, Do you need to clean under low furniture?
DC59 has a low profile cleaner head which can lay flat to get under furniture.

4, Suction Power.
DC50 generates more suction power than DC59.

5, Cost.
On dyson.com, DC50 is sold $50 cheaper than the DC59.

6, Warranty.
The DC50 carries 3 year longer warranty.

7, Frequenty Empty?
Both of them have a small bin.

Read more details below:

Compare Dyson DC59 and DC50 Animal

 Dyson DC50 AnimalDyson DC59 Animal
ImagesDyson DC50 Animal Vacuum CleanerDyson DC59 Animal Vacuum Cleaner
Price$449.99 at dyson.com on July 13, 2014$499.99 at dyson.com on July 13, 2014
Cyclone Technology Type2 Tier Radial™ Cyclones2 Tier Radial™ Cyclones
Ball TechnologyYesYes
DesignCompact UprightSlim Stick/Handheld
Corded or CordlessCordedCordless
Retractable CordNoNA
Cord Length24.9 feetNA
Run TimeNAmax 26 minutes
Charge TimeNA3.5 hours
Docking Station
for charging and storing
Suction Power128 airwatts28 airwatts at Standard Power or 100 airwatts in Boost mode
Bagged or BaglessBaglessBagless
Bin Size0.21 gallons0.12 gallons
Motorized HeadYESYes
Brush On/OffYESNo
Cleaner Head Widthabout 11″about 9.8″
Weight11.6 lbs4.6 lbs
HEPA FiltrationYESnot specified
Included ToolsTangle-free Turbine tool
Combination Tool
Stair Tool
Mini motorized tool
Combination tool
Stair tool
Dimensions30.1" x 11" x 13.9"
9.8" x 47.8" x 8.2" (HxLxW)
Warranty5 year warranty on parts & labor2 year parts and labor warranty

Over all, DC50 is a small upright, it is compact for small apartment or home with 1 or 2 pets, while the battery operated DC59 is better suited for quick pickups.

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