Dyson DC59 Animal vs DC59 Motorhead what’s the difference?

Both Dyson DC59 Animal and DC59 Motorhead belong to Dyson DC59 series, this series is Dyson’s latest cordless vacuum cleaner series at this moment. For

those who are interested in getting one for home cleaning, here are some similarities and difference between DC59 Motorhead and DC59 Animal, hope it will help you make a right buying decision.

DC59 Motorhead vs DC59 Animal


According to info on dyson.com,

1, Cleaner Head
This is the key difference between these 2 versions, the DC59 Motorhead features a direct-drive motor in the brush bar that delivers 75% more power than DC59 Animal. Thus, it might be a better choice for cleaning carpets/area rugs.

2, Cleaning Time
The DC59 Motorhead has a 24 minute running time while the Animal allows 26 minutes of cleaning time.

3, Weight
The DC59 Motorhead weighs 4.9 lbs while the DC59 Animal weighs 4.6 lbs.

4, Color
The DC59 Motorhead is in pink and silver while the DC59 Animal is in purple and silver.

5, Price
The DC59 Motorhead is $50 more expensive than the DC59 Animal. On dyson.com, the Motorhead is priced at $549.99 while the Animal is priced at $499.99.

powered by the 350W Dyson digital motor V6;
feature 2 Tier Radial cyclones;
included tools: Mini motorized tool, Combination tool, Crevice tool;
carry 2 year parts and labor warranty;
come with docking station for storing and charging vacuum and holding additional attachments;
have 2 power mode – Standard and Boost, at Standard Power, it has a suction power of 28 airwatts, at Boost mode, the suction power is 100 airwatts;
cordless and bagless, dust chamber capacity is 0.12 gallons;
3.5 hours charge time.

Overall, since DC59 Motorhead has a second motor inside the brush bar, this makes it more suitable for vacuuming carpeted surfaces. But this also adds the extra $50 cost. So, order on your personal preference and cleaning needs.

If you know other difference between these 2 Dyson DC59 versions, please share with us, thanks.

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2 Answers to Dyson DC59 Animal vs DC59 Motorhead what’s the difference?

  1. Danny says:

    Do you know if the Motorhead tool will actually fit on the DC59 animal unit?

    • bpvac says:

      Hi Danny, I was told by their customer service person that the technology designed for the DC59 Motorhead is not compatible with the DC59 Animal. You can contact Dyson customer service yourself to confirm.

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