Dyson DC59 VS DC35 what’s the difference?

The Dyson DC59 is better. It uses the new 2 Tier Radial cyclones technology and equips with better motor that makes it generate more powerful suction; improved battery to provides longer battery life; some parts of the unit are redesigned to make it more convenient to use such as the filter design and Trigger design; improved floor tool is more stable, picking up more, with less hair clog problem, etc.

Dyson DC59 VS DC35

 Dyson DC59 AnimalDyson DC35 Multi Floor

MotorDyson digital motor V6, provides greater suction.Dyson digital motor V2
Dual Power ModeYes, the DC59 has 50% more power in boost mode than DC35.Yes
Suction Power28 airwatts at standard power or 100 airwatts in boost mode28 airwatts at end of wand in standard mode or
65 airwatts at end of wand in max mode
Multiple Floor CleaningYesYes
Cleaner HeadWider cleaner head and is more powerful than DC35, 9.8 inch width8.25 inch wide
Bin Capacity 0.12 gallonssmaller bin, 0.09 gallons
Bag TypeBaglessBagless
Battery LifeBattery life of DC59 is 26 minutes on regular speed or 6 minutes on boost.DC35 has a 15 minute run time or 6 minutes on MAX power.
Battery TypeRe-engineered Nickel Manganese Cobalt/Li-ion transmits 1.5 times more power than DC44.Lithium-ion battery
Charge Time3.5 hours3.5 hours
Docking StationYesYes
Tools IncludedMini motorized tool, Combination accessory tool, Crevice toolIncludes a crevice tool and a combination accessory tool
Cyclone Technology Type2 Tier Radialâ„¢ cyclones, increase airflow and capture fine dust.Root Cycloneâ„¢ technology
Warranty2 year parts & labor warranty2 year parts & labor warranty
Dimensions47.8" x 8.2" x 9.8"44.1" x 9.1" x 11.8"
Weight4.6 pounds4.85 lbs

If you know other difference between Dyson DC59 and DC35, please share, thank you.

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2 Answers to Dyson DC59 VS DC35 what’s the difference?

  1. Kit says:

    On the wood floor the DC 35 is great but the rugs it’s very sluggish even though they are low nap. The brush only turns sporadically. A bit disappointed for cost of the unit.

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