Dyson DC59 vs DC41

Dyson DC59 or DC41 which is better for your needs? Let’s compare them here.

These 2 Dyson vacuum cleaners are designed to meet different cleaning needs.
DC59 is a handheld/stick vacuum cleaner while the DC41 is an upright vacuum.
DC59 is cordless while the DC41 is corded.
DC59 is light to carry around to do light vacuuming while the DC41 is for heavy duty cleaning.
Below we will compare the specs side by side.

Dyson DC59 vs DC41

 Dyson DC41 AnimalDyson DC59 Animal
ImagesDyson DC41 Animal Vacuum CleanerDyson DC59 Animal Vacuum Cleaner
Cyclone Technology TypeRadial Root Cyclone™ technology
2 Tier Radial™ cyclone technology

Ball TechnologyNA
DesignFull Size UprightHandheld/Stick
Multiple Floor Types Cleaning
Suction Power235 airwattsDual Power Mode, 28 airwatts at standard power or 100 airwatts in boost mode
Bin Capacity 0.55 gallons0.12 gallons
Cord Length35 ft NA
Battery TypeNANickel Manganese Cobalt/Li-ion
Battery LifeNA26 minutes on standard mode, 6 minutes cleaning time on boost mode
Charge TimeNA3.5 hours
Cleaner Head Widthabout 13.3″9.8"
Docking StationNA
Battery ChargerNA
Warranty5 year warranty on parts & labor2 year warranty on parts & labor
Weight17.1 lbs4.6 lbs
Dimensions42.4" x 13.4" x 15.4"9.8" x 47.8" x 8.2"
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