Dyson DC65 vs Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal / Animal + Allergy, what’s the difference?

Dyson released a new upright vacuum series Dyson Cinetic Big Ball in January 2015. On the US market, there are 2 models – the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal which is priced at $599.99 on dyson.com and Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy which is sold for $699 due to the extra 4 tools it comes with. There is no mechanical difference between these 2 machines, only difference, if there is any, is the color scheme. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is exclusive to QVC until 3/1/2015, so before that day, you can only buy the Cinetic Big Ball from QVC or directly from Dyson.
By the way, I just visited the product page on QVC and find that the Big Ball Cinetic Animal sold at $599.94, but includes more attachments than Dyson official site offers. It not only has the tangle-free turbine tool, combination tool, stair tool, but also includes a multi-angle brush, reach-under tool, flat-out tool, and articulating tool. So you get 4 extra tools with the same cost level.

There are 2 major difference between Dyson Cinetic Big Ball and DC65 though they have similar appearance.

The first one is the Cyclone technology they employ.
The DC65 uses Radial Root Cyclone technology whereas the Cinetic Big Ball uses the new Dyson Cinetic science.
The new cyclone system adds 35 Dyson Cinetic tips that oscillate at high speed to stop dust building up and blocking the airflow. And the system creates centrifugal forces of up to 313,000G flinging particles from the air and into the dust bin.

The second one is the Filtration.
The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball has no pre motor filter, it has only a post motor filter that cannot be accessed and requires no cleaning. So there are no filters to wash.
Whereas the DC65 has both pre motor and post motor that require you to wash at least every 3 months.

Other differences are as follows.

Suction Power
The DC65 has a suction power of 245 airwatts versus 180 airwatts on the Cinetic Big Ball.

The DC65 is over 2 lbs lighter, it weighs 17.35 lbs whereas the Cinetic Big Ball weighs 19.8 lbs.

Bin Capacity
The bin volume on the DC65 is 0.55 gallons versus 0.57 gallons on the Cinetic Big Ball.

DC65: 42.4″ x 13.4″ x 15.4″
Cinetic Big Ball: 43.3″ x 13.4″ x 17.2″

Some Similarities.
Motorized brush roller with brush On/Off control;
Self adjusting cleaner head with NO manual carpet pile adjustment;
35 feet cord length;
Ball Technology;
Clear bin, hygienic bottom empty.
Back by 5 year limited warranty.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that does not require you to wash the filter, then buy the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. Otherwise, go for the DC65.

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