Eureka 96DZ vs 96f: what is the difference?

These two vacuum cleaners are essentially the same vac.
Eureka 96DZ vs 96F

The difference between Eureka 96DZ and 96F quick up vacuum cleaner:
96DZ is grey while 96F is purple; on Eureka’s website, you can also find that the cleaning path width of 96DZ is 7.5 inches while 96F is 10 inches.

About the extra battery.
Some customers said that the 96DZ came with 2 batteries while Eureka 96F came with only one battery. But there were also people said that only some packs of these two vacuum cleaners might include an extra rechargeable battery, it was issued in promotional packaging, but not all of them.
IMO, the battery costs about $20, the price of 96DZ is $59.99 and 96F was about $40. So, I think the Eureka 96DZ come with two batteries.
But you’d better contact the seller to find out if the item includes an additional battery before buying.

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