Hoover BH50015 Review – hoover battery operated vacuum cleaner for hard surfaces, keyboard, upholstery

Hoover Cordless Hand Vacuum BH50015 comes with a 18-volt lithium-ion battery which offers longer run time and better suction than most of the cordless hand vacuum cleaners on the market. It works well on picking up little messes on hard surfaces. For carpets with dog and cat hair, not good, the brush tool does not help much.

Hoover Cordless Hand Vacuum BH50015

Here are the review of Hoover BH50015 hand vacuum:

  • This hand vac has good suction to clean up dirt, crumbs, dust, minor debis, and other small messes on window sills, hard surfaces like hardword stairs, and other places. Does best on hard surfaces.
  • Its lithium-ion battery is better than other types of betteries like NiCad. It has better run time and more power. It can run for roughly 15 minutes on a charge, and the fade free feature makes it constantly run at full power until it is totally drained.
  • The battery is easy to remove to recharge and put back.
  • This portable vacuum is light, weigh less than 4 lbs, you can carry it around to vacuum stuff easily.
  • It comes with a led display to show how much battery life that remains.


  • Main defect 1: about the brush and crevice tool. They do not stayed in place well, just keep collapsing and hanging down.
  • Main defect 2: about the dirt cup. This is another annoying thing. It is awkward to open the dust container, there is no grip handle, the plastic is slippery, you probably have to sit down, put the hand vac between your knees, and open it with 2 hands.
  • The nozzle is a little small, less than 3 inches.
  • No mounting system, not convenient to store.
  • High price.

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Hoover LiNX Cordless Hand Vacuum BH50015 Specs, Features and Details
Model: BH50015
Design: Hand Held
Surface Type: Hard Floor Stairs, Bare Floors, Window Sills, Keyboards, Upholstery, etc.
Weight: 3.3 lbs
Power Source: Cordless, Battery Powered
Battery: 18 Volt lithium ion battery
Fade Free Lithium-Ion Battery Power: The interchangeable battery runs at its peak performance until it dies.
Nozzle Width: 2.75 inches
Bag Type: Bagless
Hoover BH50015 Price: It is priced at $129.99 at Hoover.com
Filtration: Cyclonic Action Filtration
Tools: It comes with Dusting Brush and Crevice Toolfor cleaning upholstery and tight places. However, these attachments are not useful. The Crevice Tool is not long enough, and the brush doen’t lock in place well.
Ergonomic Design Handle: Hoover claims that the Ergonomic Design is for ease of use. But some users complain that their wrists and hands get sore while using the vacuum.
Energy Star Charger: The battery charger is ENERGY STAR qualified, save you energy and money.
Battery Fuel Gauge: Displays battery life status.
Dimensions: 17 x 5.75 x 7.75 inches
Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
Hoover BH50015 Manual: Instuction Manual Download
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