iRobot Roomba 630 Review: automatic vacuum cleaner for dog hair,carpet,hardwood floors,and more

iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Carpet, Pet Hair, Hardwood Floors

This iRobot Roomba 630 is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can save you time on doing light daily cleaning, you can get your carpets, area rugs, wood floors, linoleum, tile, and other floors vacuumed without any effort. For more info, you can read the iRobot Roomba 630 review below.

    Pros of iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot:

  • It can vacuum both carpets and hard floors.
  • It can clean along edges, around furniture legs.
  • It can get to areas where a regular vacuum hard to reach such as under cabinets.
  • Seems quieter than previous models.
  • It bumps stuff gently without damaging anything.
  • It does not take a long time to charge.
  • It does not tangle up in cords and carpet strings.
  • Has no problem picking up pet hair, debris, crumbs, food particles, dust, and dirt.
  • The virtual wall works as it’s supposed to.
  • When it gets stuck, it speaks, tells you clearly what is the problem so you can help it out easily.
  • It can dock itself automatically for recharging.
  • Emptying the AeroVac bin is a breeze.
  • It does detect dirty spots and spend more time vacuuming there.
  • It can self-adjust between different types of floors.

    Cons of iRobot Roomba 630:

  • iRobot Roomba 630 scheduling? No, this Roomba 630 can’t be scheduled, it doesn’t have the schedule option like the 550. And iRobot doesn’t states this in the product description. If you want one with the scheduling ability, have a look at the 650 model.
  • Though it can get to areas that you usually don’t while using the regular vacuum, there are still some areas it cannot reach.
  • It just moves randomly and slowly, seems not that efficient.
  • Sometimes it gets trouble in getting out of tight areas.
  • The docking station is a bit lighter, needs to be weightier to avoid being pushed by the Roomba 630.
  • Sometimes it might miss an area.
  • Still too noisy to run it while sleeping.
  • This roomba 630 does not support lighthouses. (More about Virtual Wall and Virtual Wall Lighthouses – click here)
  • It might get lost in odd shape areas.
  • Not as strong as a conventional vacuum.

  • Only includes one virtual wall.
  • The dust bin not big, fills up fast.
  • Not as strong as a conventional vacuum.

iRobot Roomba 630 Specs and Features:
Weight: 7.9 pounds.
Dimensions: diameter is 13.39″, height is 3.62″.
Features 3-Stage Cleaning with AeroVac to pick up more mess; Dirt Detect technology to detect dirty spots; iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology to clean your floors more thoroughly; Virtual Wall to get it clean where you need it and blocks it from entering restricted areas; vacuum carries a 1 year limited warranty and the battery has a 6 month limited warranty.

To sum up, this little robotic vacuum has its goods and bads, but it is NOT a toy, it does clean the floors, good for daily cleaning, and is a good complement to conventional vacuum cleaner. But you still need a full size vac for periodic deep cleaning.

More info:

How much does it cost?
At, it is priced at $349.99

Where to download the iRobot Roomba 630 manual?
Here is the download link:
If it does not work, you can visit to find it.

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