Kenmore 21514 vs 21714 what’s the difference?

Kenmore 21714 vs 21514

All comparison info is based on product pages at and product manuals.

The 21514 is white while the Kenmore 21714 is red.

Price: The 21514 is over $100 cheaper.
The Kenmore 21514 is priced at $229.99 on while the Kenmore 21714 is priced at $339.99 on 2013-04-25.

The Kenmore 21514 uses a standard wand that has a upper wand and a lower wand, while the 21714 uses a telescopic wand.

Cord Length:
On the product pages, it states the cord length of of Kenmore 21514 is 26 ft while 21714 has a cord length of 28 ft.

Dirt Sensor:
The Kenmore 21714 has dirt sensor to help locate dirt while the 21514 doesn’t.

Swivel Steering:
They have different powermate. The 21714 powermate nozzle has Swivel Steering feature that helps you clean around corners and furniture easier while the 21514 doesn’t.

Hose Length:
On the product pages at, it states that Kenmore 21514 has a 6 ft hose while the hose length of 21714 is 8 ft.

Filter Type:
On the product page, it states that Kenmore 21514 uses Micro Filtration while the 21514 uses HEPA filter type.

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