Kenmore 21614 vs 21714 what’s the difference?

Kenmore 21714 vs 21614

The Kenmore 21614 is purple while the 21714 is red.

Cord Length:
On the product pages, it states Kenmore 21614 has a 26 ft cord while the cord length of 21714 is 28 ft.

Dirt Sensor:
The Kenmore 21714 features infrared dirt sensor that helps you locate dirt while the 21614 doesn’t.

Swivel Steering System:
Their powermate nozzle is different. The 21714 powermate features Swivel Steering System that lets you maneuver around corners and furniture easier while the 21614 doesn’t.

Hose Length:
On the product pages at, it states that Kenmore 21614 has a 6 ft hose while the hose length of 21714 is 8 ft.

The Kenmore 21614 is priced at $269.99 on while the Kenmore 21714 is priced at $339.99.

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