Laptop Vacuum Cleaner – portable mini vacuum for laptop

Need a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your laptop keyboard and screen?
Have a look at this mini laptop vacuum:
Detailer Cordless Keyboard and Car Mini Hand Vacuum
Dirt Devil Detailer Cordless Keyboard and Car Mini Hand Vacuum:
This mini handheld vacuum cleaner is cordless and bagless. It is easy to carry, since it only weighs 0.25 lb.
Good for small jobs, such as picking up cigarette ashes, crumbs, dusts and dirt from laptop keyboards, telephone, and other small and tight spaces.
It comes with dusting brush, reusable dusting cloth, and charging cradle.

The description of this small vacuum presents it also can be used for car cleaning. However, some consumers complain that the suction is not enough for cleaning car interior.

So, it is only good for small jobs.

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