Miele S194 vs Dyson DC35 which is better for your needs?

Dyson DC35 vs Miele S194

Both of them can be use as a stick vacuum or a handheld vac. However, the Miele S194 is more of a stick vacuum than a hand vac, whereas the Dyson DC35 is more of a handheld vacuum cleaner than a stick vacuum. In fact, the Miele S194 is too bulky and heavy to be used as a hand vacuum.

What is your budget?
Miele S194 is about $100 cheaper than the Dyson DC35.
The Dyson DC35 is priced at $329.99 on dyson.com while the Miele S194 is priced at $229.00 on mielestore.com (prices checked on 05-14-2013)
However, you have to keep buying replacement bags for Miele S194. So, in the long run, the expenditure of Miele S194 could be higher than the Dyson DC35.

Bagged Vs Bagless:
Miele S194 is bagged while the Dyson DC35 is bagless.
As we know, bagless vacuum cleaner is dirty to empty. You have to dump out the collected content, and dust might fly around. While you use bagged vacuum, it is hygienic to change bags.

Corded Vs Cordless (Battery Powered):
The Miele S194 is corded while the Dyson DC35 is cordless.
If you need a vacuum for quick pickups, but do not want to keep recharging, then you should choose Miele S194.
But if you need a more portable vac to clean high and low, furniture, crevice, and corners, the Dyson DC35 is a better choice.

Weight: Dyson DC35 is lighter.
The Miele S194 weighs about 9 pounds while the Dyson DC35 weighs 4.85 pounds.

Floor Tool: Motorized vs Air Driven
The Miele S194 comes with a Combination floor tool which is air driven, it is for clean hard floors and low pile carpets.
While the Dyson DC35 comes with a motorized floor tool for cleaning different floor surfaces.

You can download the manuals of these 2 vacuum cleaners to learn more about them before buying.
The link to download the Miele S194 user manual:
If link does not work, try to find it yourself by visiting Miele’s official site: http://www.mieleusa.com/

The links to download the Dyson DC35 user manual:
DC35 Multi Floor Manual: http://media.dyson.com/downloads/us/floorcare/manuals/DC35_OPMAN_US_23-08-12.pdf
DC35 Animal Manual: http://media.dyson.com/downloads/us/floorcare/manuals/DC35_OPMAN_US_ANIMAL_23-08-12.pdf
If the above links do not work, visit dyson.com to search and download it yourself.

If you own Miele S194 or Dyson DC35, we appreciate you spending time sharing your comparison info here.

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