Miele S5211 vs S5261

S5211 Power Plus vs S5261 Cat and Dog
Here is the simple comparison info on Miele S5211 Power Plus and S5261 Cat & Dog bagged canister vacuum cleaners.

They have the same dimensions and weight, the S5261 Cat & Dog is designed specifically for pet owners.

Turbobrush and Mini Turbobrush:
The S5261 comes with a air driven Turbobrush for cleaning cut pile carpeting, and a mini turbobrush for removing pet hair and dust from upholstery and carpeted stairs.
The S5211 does not have these tools.

Mattress Nozzle:
The S5261 comes with a Mattress Nozzle for cleaning between the mattress and the beds while the S5211 does not have.

Universal Brush:
The S5211 has a universal brush for dusting places like book shelves while the S5261 does not have this tool.

Floor Tool Cleaning Width:
The main floor tool of S5211 has a cleaning width of 280mm while the S5261 has a cleaning width of 275mm.
The height of the main floor tool of S5211 is 60mm while it is 80mm on S5261.

Included Filter:
The S5211 comes with Air Clean Filter while the S5261 comes with Active Air Clean Filter
You can find the difference between Air Clean Filter and Active Air Clean Filter by reading detail info at Miele’s website
Air Clean Filter:
Active Air Clean Filter:

Miele S5211 Power Plus comes in deep black while the S5261 Cat & Dog is in tayberry red.

The S5261 is more expensive than the S5211.

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