Miele Vacuum for Carpet

If you need a Miele vacuum for wall to wall thicker pile carpets, you may want to consider Miele S2180 Titan Canister Vacuum – Chili Red. If you need a vacuum for low pile carpeting and rugs, then you can consider Miele Olympus S2120 Canister Vacuum Cleaner with FiberteQ SBD350-3 Rug and Floor Tool and Miele Polaris S4212 Canister Vacuum Cleaner with SBD450-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool.

Miele S2180 Titan Canister Vacuum – Chili Red Review
Miele Vacuum for Carpet - Miele S2180 Titan Canister Vacuum


  • Powerful suction.
  • With the powerbrush, it works great on carpet vacuuming, good for picking up pet hair and other dirt.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry around.
  • With the HEPA Filter which helps clean the air, there is no more bad carpet smell.
  • The bag is well sealed, so there is no escaping dirt. No need to deal with the escaping dirt while changing bag.
  • Variable power, you can adjust the suction power while vacuuming different things.
  • Quiet.


  • The cord is too short, this makes the operating radius is limited.
  • The hose and cord are required to be disconnected while changing bag.
  • The dust bag compartment is small, that means you will spend more money on buying bags.
  • No on-board storage, this makes it not convenient to switch.

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