Mint vs. Mint Plus Floor Cleaner, what’s the difference?

The original Mint includes 2 models: the Mint 4200 and the Mint 4205; the Mint Plus also includes 2 models: the Mint 5200 and the Mint 5200C.
The info below will show you what’s the difference between the Mint 4200, Mint 4205, Mint Plus 5200, and Mint Plus 5200c.

Mint 4200 VS. Mint 4205
The difference between these two Mint models is:
The Mint 4205 comes with the Pro-Clean System, whereas the Mint 4200 doesn’t.
What is the Pro-Clean System? There is a reservoir cleaning pad continually dispenses fluid, this makes the mopping cloth stay damp throughout the mopping cycle, allows it to mop a larger space, and mop longer. Without this reservoir, the mopping cloth probably will dry out before completing the cleaning cycle in the mopping mode, this is one of the cons of the Mint 4200.

Mint Plus 5200 VS. Mint Plus 5200C Mint Floor Cleaner
The only difference between them is that the 5200C comes with the Mint Plus Turbo Charge Cradle, this Cradle can speed up the charging a lot quickly, like only 2 hours for a full charge. Without this cradle, it will take 4 hours to recharge. So, it is a helpful kit for those who don’t want to wait too long for the unit to recharge. However, its price tag is a bit high, it sells at $69.99 on Mint official site.
The Mint 5200 can be upgraded to 5200C model since it can use the charging cradle too.
In other words, the Mint Plus 5200C = Mint Plus 5200 + Mint Plus Turbo Charge Cradle.

Mint vs. Mint Plus
Mint Plus is upgraded from the old model Mint, it has upgraded navigation system, faster charging time, longer battery life, the ability of cleaning larger area, and some other added features that Mint doesn’t come with, such as the Pause/Resume feature, Room to Room Navigation, Quick Clean Mode, and Furniture Guard on Bumper.

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