Neato XV-21 vs XV-11, what’s the difference?

What is the difference between Neato XV-21 and XV-11? We’ll compare them below.
Some people contacted the Neato Robotics customer support regarding these two models, and they said “these are the same robot”.
However, there are some difference between them.

Neato XV-21 Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair, Carpet, Hardwood FloorsNeato XV-21 vs XV-11Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum for All Floors

They are produced in different colors.

As usual, the new model Neato XV-21 is more expensive.
At Neato official site, Neato XV-21 is priced at $429.99, whereas Neato XV-11 is priced at $399.99 when we write this post.

Brush and Filter:
The XV-21 comes with 2 brushes and 1 filter; whereas XV-11 has 1 brush and 2 filters.
And the beater brushes and filters are different.
The XV-11 comes with the standard filter whereas the XV-21 comes with pet & allergy filter, users say that the new filter outputs air cleaner.
Neato XV-11 and XV-21 Filters

The XV-11 only has a rubber type brush whereas the XV-21 comes with a rubber brush and a bristled brush.
Neato XV-11 and XV-21 Brushes

The new brush and filter kit that the XV-21 comes with also known as the Pet & Allergy Upgrade Kit, they are designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers, can also be used on XV-11.

Noise Level:
Some users say that XV-21 is quieter.

Battery Life:
Some users say the XV-21 has a shorter battery life since its new bristled brush causes more drag on the motor, this makes battery run down faster.

Aside from the things mentioned above, there seems to be no other obvious difference between Neato XV-21 and XV-11.

If you are not satisfied with the info above, you can also call or send a email to Neato Customer Care Team here

Please share your reviews on these two Neato robotic vacuum cleaners if you own them, thank you.

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