Good Toy Vacuum Cleaners: Playskool Dusty the Talking Vacuum Cleaner Review

You will find that this is one of the best toy vacuum cleaners when comparing it with other play vacuum cleaners on the market. However, it is a toy, do not expect it to have the same quality as a real vac.

This Playskool Dusty the Talking Vacuum Cleaner requires 3 AA batteries, it does not pick up stuff, but has colored lints that simulate dust and dirt, these things swirl around in the canister and appear like real dirt when the kids move the vacuum. And this toy also has realistic vacuum sounds. As the toy rolls around, the eyes moves and it also actives the hilarious phrases. It also has handle that can move up and down.
Manufacturer’s recommended age: 24 months to 4 years. However, many buyers said that this toy vacuum was for kids ages about 18 months to about 3 years.

Likes about this Playskool toy vacuum:

  • The sounds is realistic when the vacuum rolls around.
  • Has a switch to turn off sound.
  • It takes small space to store.
  • Has colored yarn that spins around in the barrel and appears like dirt.
  • It is cute, eyes move around when it rolls.
  • Dislikes about Playskool dusty the talking vacuum cleaner:

  • Some buyers said that the handle comes off easily.
  • The hose falls off occasionally, and it is not easy to hook into place.
  • It may make annoying grinding noise as it vacuums.
  • If you are interested in this toddler toy vac, you can visit to see if they still sell this kid toy vacuum.

    Overall, it is a cute and fun toy for toddlers, but it is not perfect. However, as a kids vacuum, it outweighs many other pretend cleaning toys on the market.

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