Panasonic MC-CG301 Review: a bagged canister vacuum cleaner under $100, comes with retractable cord

Panasonic MC-CG301 Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Who would be interested in ordering a Panasonic MC-CG301 canister vacuum?

  • People who are looking for inexpensive canister vacuum cleaners under $100.
  • Who like a canister vacuum with retractable cord.
  • Who are in the market for bagged canister vacuum cleaners for wood, granite, ceramic tile, concrete floors, and other hard floors.

If you are one of these people, you can have a look at this Panasonic MC-CG301 vacuum. It is a Bagged “suction only” Canister Vacuum Cleaner with cord reel. It costs less than 100 dollars, features 11 amp motor that provides sufficient suction for picking up messes well on bare floors. And its wheels are soft, makes it gentle on floors, roll smoothly and do not mar your floors. Furthermore, it has the cord reel to rewind the cord automatically with only a touch on the button.

Below is the pros, cons and specs of Panasonic MC-CG301 vacuum:

    Pros of Panasonic MC-CG301:

  • Has a carrying handle on the unit for comfortably holding.
  • Sucks well and moves smoothly on bare floors.
  • Bag changing is kind of easy.
  • It has auto rewind cord machanism.
  • Lightweight and small, easy to carry with one hand, easy to maneuver, compact for storage.
  • Gets under furniture.
  • Price is reasonable and affordable.
  • Has a notch to keep the wand in place for storage.
  • Cleans along baseboard.

    Cons of Panasonic MC-CG301:

  • It is on the loud side, but not too noisy.
  • Crevice tool is short, and there is no on board storage for it.
  • Hose is short.
  • Cord is also short, only 17 ft. You might need an extension cord while using the vac to clean.
  • The wand and floor tool, wand handle and hose do not stay together well, sometimes, they disconnect from each other.
  • It does not comes with any dusting brush for upholstery cleaning.
  • Bag is small, but not expensive.
  • You have to bend down to turn on/off the vacuum. It would be better if the ON/OFF switch is on the wand handle.
Panasonic MC-CG301 Specs and Features
Model: MC-CG301
Design: Canister
Color: Red/white
Motorized Brush: No
Height Adjustment: Automatic
Panasonic MC-CG301 Price: Vacuum under $100, priced at $99.99 at (on 04.20.2013)
Power Source: Corded
Power Rating: 11 Amps
Cord Length: 17 Feet
Automatic Cord Rewind: Yes
Bagged or Bagless: Bagge
Panasonic MC-CG301 Bags Type: Can use the Panasonic Type C-13 Bags (Buy at Amazon)
Filtration: Standard
Tools: Crevice tool
Cleaning Path: 12 inches
Dimensions: 12.2″ by 10″ by 9.2″ (LxWxH)
Weight: 9.4 lbs
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
Other details: Blower Function for blowing dust and dirt from nooks and crannies; soft wheels are gentle on floors.
Panasonic MC-CG301 Manual: Download, if the link is not working, you can visit to search and download it.
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