Robotic Laminate,Tile,Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine Mint 5200 Review

The Mint Plus 5200 is an upgrade model of the original Mint 4200, it does everything Mint 4200 does, and has more features.
For those who do not know the Mint 4200, here are some info about Mint for you. Mint is not a robotic vacuum cleaner, it is not for deep clean, but a robot that dry sweeps and wet mops hard floors like vinyl, laminate, tile and hardwood floor, it helps maintain a clean floor. Does mint cleaner work carpet? No, it is unable to clean carpets/rugs.

If you are looking for an automated wet or dry swiffer for hard surface floors, then you should check out this little robot.

Mint Plus 5200 Hard Floor Automatic Cleaner

Pros of Mint 5200:

  • It does what it claims to do, picks up pet hair and dust well, keep your hard floor clean.
  • It runs very quiet compared to other similar robots, almost no noise.
  • Setup is simple, put the navigation cube at a corner, attach a cloth, that’s it.
  • It has a pause/resume feature which makes it is can be paused to change cleaning cloth, and it can find its way back to right where it left off well, then continue cleaning the area not yet cleaned.
  • You are not limited to use the Mint brand cleaning clothes only, you have the option to use generic disposable clothes.
  • The small Mint robot is able to clean under low furniture and beds.
  • It slow downs when encounters an obstacle.
  • The clean up is simple, easy, and quick. No dirt cup or filter to clean, just rinse the cleaning pads.
  • The mopping pad contains a liquid reservoir that dispenses liquid to keep the cloth damp throughout the cleaning cycle, the liquid use was consistent.
  • It charges fairly fast, like 4 hours. If you need faster charging, you can buy the Mint Plus Turbo Charge Cradle that sold separately, it will make the charging as fast as 2 hours.

    Cons of Mint 5200:

  • Mint 5200 does not self dock itself to recharge like the iRobot Roomba does.
  • It is not able to pick up fine particles like breadcrumbs, you’d better pick up the larger items before using the Mint on your floors.
  • No scheduled cleaning feature.
  • If there are too many obstacles like chairs in the house, the cleaning speed will be slow, this small device spend much time to figure out the routing. So, for better performance, remove the obstacles before running the Mint if possible. The less obstacles the better, this will help it clean faster.
  • It cannot cross some normal thresholds. It won’t go over the moldings between different types of hard floors, even the moldings are not that high.
  • After finishing the cleaning cycle, the Mint sits there. In mopping mode, if the liquid in the reservoir is not used up when the cleaning cycle is done, the liquid will continue wicking onto the pad, for certain types of floors, this may cause some damage to the spot where Mint sits. However, the reservior is small, it doesn’t hold much water.
  • This small robotic hard floor cleaning machine is to help maintain your vinyl, laminate, tile, hardwood floor clean, but not for heavy duty use.
    For those who are lazy to clean the hard floors every single day, it is a good little helper.

    You can learn product detail and buy Mint 5200 at Amazon.
    It is suggested that you read the Mint 5200 manual to learn more about it before placing your order. You can download the manual at Mint’s official site download page.

    Please comment below to share your reviews on Mint 5200 if you own one.

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