Rowenta Delta Force vs Dyson DC44 which is better for your needs?

Here’s the side by side comparison to help you buy the better one that meets your cleaning needs.

The Rowenta Delta Force works like a traditional stick vacuum, while the Dyson DC44 Animal can be transformed from a cordless stick to a handheld vacuum by

removing its wand and cleaner head. And you can use it with the wand attached to clean high and low spots. While the Rowenta Delta Force does not have the

cleaning wand and its cleaner head is not detachable.

Charging Time
The DC44 charge faster, takes a lot less time to fully charge.

Run Time
The Rowenta Delta Force has a longer battery life than the Dyson DC44.

Charging Base
The DC44 comes with a docking station for charging and storing while the Rowenta Delta Force has no charging stand.

The DC44 comes with some attachments for cleaning upholstery, crevice, corners, etc. While the Rowenta Delta Force does not include such tools.

The DC44 is much more expensive, about 2X the cost of the Rowenta Delta Force.

Self Stand
Both of them are not the types that can stand up by their own securely. Rowenta Delta Force can stand free, but not stable, easily topple over. While the Dyson DC44

cannot self stand at all, and does not even let you lean it against a wall, it can easily fall down.

Dust Cup Capacity
The dust cup on the Rowenta Delta Force is larger.

The DC44 weighs around 2 pounds lighter

Battery Replacement
You can easily replace battery on DC44 while the batteries on Rowenta is not designed for you to replace.

On/Off Control
The Rowenta use traditional On/Off switch while the Dyson DC44 uses a Trigger instead of an On/Off switch. The key difference between this trigger design and a tradition switch is that the trigger does not lock into place, you have to keep pressing the trigger if you want the vacuum on. Dyson claim that this reduce wasted energy. Well, we do not know how much energy it saves, some people like it, but others hate it because their fingers get tired of holding the trigger down.

More details, read comparison table below.

Compare Dyson DC44 Animal vs Rowenta Delta Force 18V Stick Vacuum

 Rowenta Delta Force 18V Stick VacuumDyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2
Rowenta Delta Force 18V Stick Vacuum
Price$324.99 at on September 8, 2014
Bagged or BaglessBaglessBagless
Dirt Bin Capacity 33 oz0.09 gallons

Full Bin IndicatorNoNo
Clear Dirt Cup YesYes
Fully Charge IndicatorYes
charging light goes off when fully charged.
Power SourceBattery OperatedBattery Powered
Battery TypeNiMHNickel Cobalt Manganese Battery
Power18 Volts22.2 volts
Air WattsNot specified28 AW in normal mode / 65 AW in max power mode
Run Time40 minutes on 'floor' position and 30 minutes on 'carpet' position20 minutes at normal speed. 8 minutes at boost mode.
Replaceable BatteryNoYes
Charge Timeabout 16 hours about 5 hours
Motorized BrushrollYesYes
Brushroll On/OffNoNo
Washable FiltersYesYes
HEPA FiltrationNoNo
Weight7.5 lbs5.07 pounds
Nozzle WidthNot specified8.25"
Height AdjustmentNoNo
Edge Cleaning BrushNoNo
comes with an extra washable foam filter
mini motorized tool, crevice tool, 2 in 1 combination tool
Cleaning WandNoYes
Suction OptionsHigh/Low 2 optionsDual power mode
Swivel Head180 degree Swivel HeadYes
Colormultiple colors available: Silver (RH8548), Copper Red (RH8551), Intense Blue (RH8552), Beige (RH8559)Purple and Grey
Vacuum Height47 inches44.1 inches
Warranty1 year limited warranty2 year limited warranty
Charging StationNoYes
wall mountable docking station for charging and storing.
ManualDownload Rowenta Delta Force 18V Manual From Amazon:
User Guide

Overall, they are only vacuum cleaners for quick clean ups, cannot replace your full size vacuum for deep cleaning. Compare the specs that are important to you, then

buy the one that better fits your needs.

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