Shark HV300 Series vs HV310 what’ the difference?

Let’s compare and find the difference between Shark HV300 Series and HV310 below.

These vacuum cleaners are different models that belong to Shark Rocket series, the HV300 series are the regular version whereas the HV310 is the deluxe version.
Note: HV300 series include several models such as the HV300, HV301, HV302, and HV300W, they are the same unit except for the color, cord length, and included tools.
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Shark Rocket Deluxe HV310Shark HV310 vs HV300

LED Lights:
The LED lights makes the difference between them.
The HV310 is equipped with LED headlights in the cleaner nozzle and hand vacuum to illuminate cleaning areas, whereas the HV300 has no such lights.
This is the key difference.

Dust Cup Capacity:
According to Shark support, the HV310 has a larger dust cup than the one on the HV300 series.

HV300 series comes in Orange or Blue while the HV310 is in Green.

HV300: 46″ high x 9.8″ wide x 10.5″ deep
HV310: 47.5″ high x 10.25″ wide x 12.375″ deep

Included Tools:
Depending on the model you bought, the HV300 series might include
a Dusting Brush, Pet Hair Tool, Crevice Tool, Wall Mount, Dust-Away Attachment and Pad, Accessory Bag, Detail Kit and Zipper Pouch.
These accessories will vary slightly.

The HV310 includes a Crevice tool, Dusting brush, Pet Hair Tool, Dust-Away, Microfiber Pad, and Wall Mount.

Note: The included tools between HV300 series and HV310 are interchangeable.

Cord Length:
As for HV300 series, depends on the model you bought, the cord length could be 27 feet, 30 feet or 32 feet.
While the HV310 has a 27 feet cord.

If you know other difference between Shark Rocket HV300 and Shark Rocket Deluxe HV310, please share your review below, thanks.

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