Shark Navigator NV70 vs NV80 what’s the difference?

Shark Navigator Professional NV80 Upright VacuumShark NV80 versus NV70
For those who are searching for info about the difference between Shark NV70 and NV80, here is the answer from Shark customer support, they said that the NV70 and NV80 are the same unit just sold in different stores.
Yes, they look similar, they have similar specs and features such as Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with HEPA filtration, 3X Dust Cup, Swivel Steering, etc.
But if you look closer, you will find that they are not identical, at least there are some tiny difference.
In the manual, you can find that the Shark NV80 comes with 2 Cleaning Wands, one with handle and an extra wand without handle, while the NV70 only has one without handle.

The included Pet Power Brushes are different. The one on the NV80 is wider.
Shark Navigator NV70, NV80 Power Brush
The color scheme are different as you can see from the product images.

If you know other difference between these 2 Shark Navigator upright vacuum cleaners, please share your experience below.

Both of them equipped with a large dust collection cup, if you need a vacuum with large capacity, then these vacuum cleaners would be a good choice.

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