Shark NV501, NV502, NV552 vs NV650 (NV651, NV652) what’s the difference?

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away NV650 (NV651, NV652) is the latest Shark Rotator upright model.
This Rotator model has some new design features that are different from the Pro version.
One of the biggest difference is that the motorized nozzle on the Powered model can be attached to the wand when using the lift away pod mode. And because of its low profile, it is able to get under beds, coffee tables, couches, etc. This is something that the Pro model cannot do.
Shark NV552 vs NV652

Control Location
The Shark Rotator Powered model has the controls on the handle for fingertip reach. While the Rotator Pro model has the controls on the top of the vacuum.

Surface Settings
The Shark Rotator Powered model has 3 settings including Hard Floor, Carpet/Low Pile, and Thick Carpet/Area Rug.
While the Rotator Pro model has suction only mode for bare floor cleaning and brushroll on mode with auto height adjustment for cleaning carpet/area rugs.
The image below might be helpful in understanding the difference:

LED Lights
The Rotator Powered model has not only LED headlights but also LED lights on the handle to illuminate low light areas, while the Rotator Pro has no lights on the handle.

Dust Cup Capacity
According to the Shark Customer Support, the Powered model has a dust cup with larger capacity.

The Rotator Powered model features Shark’s patented E-Hose that has power running through the hose to activate the motorized nozzle or the TruePet Mini Motorized Brush tool while the hose on the Rotator Pro runs suction powered attachments.

Pet Hair Tool
Along with the Rotator Powered model, Shark introduce a new brush accessory, the TruePet Mini Motorized Brush, that is motorized, while the Pro model uses a power brush tool which is suction driven.
Other included accessories are slightly different.
(Not all Rotator Powered versions include the TruePet attachment.)

Swivel Steering
According to Shark, the Powered model features advanced swivel steering which make the vacuum easier to maneuver than previous Shark vacuum cleaners.

Power Specs
There is also difference on the power specs.
NV500 series: 120 volts, 60hz, 1200 watts, 10 amps
NV650 series: 120 volts, 60hz, 1150 watts, 9.5 amps

If you know more difference between Shark NV500 series and NV650 series, please share with others by commenting below.

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13 Answers to Shark NV501, NV502, NV552 vs NV650 (NV651, NV652) what’s the difference?

  1. Ed says:

    is model nv652 self propelled

  2. Richelle says:

    Is the extra cost for a NV651 worth it over a NV501? Why/how is it better?

    • Patricia Rossi says:

      Only if you want the advantage of vacuuming with a motorized brush with the canistered removed. This allows it to have a very low profile to get under low furniture. I myself really like that ability.

  3. Antonio says:

    I’m concerned with noise. Is one model more quiet than the other?

    • bpvac says:

      Hi Antonio,
      I read somewhere that the noise level of NV650 is about 70 db to 80 db at about 1 foot away.
      The NV500 Rotator Lift Away has a near sound level.

  4. Tom says:

    I heard that the belts ware out very fast and are hard to find that part. Is that right.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t seem to be able to empty bottom I tried to press the button at bottom but the whole thing fell out …I would like to know if there is a floor tool without the cloth since this one doesn’t get all around like my Electrolux does and,how often do I have to clean filters…it seems to get white power where I emptied the bottom

  6. DAVID PRIOR says:

    Could some kind person tell me the Part number for a belt for NV682 upright SHARK vacuum. and where we purchase from !. This seems to be a national security item, impossible to get an answer, even from SHARK. Thanks

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