Shark Rocket Powerhead vs Shark Navigator which is better to fit your needs?

We will list some differences between Shark Navigator and Shark Rocket Powerhead below to help you buy the right one.
Shark NV22L vs AH452

Though both of them are lightweight upright vacuum cleaner, they are very different from each other.

This is the major difference that will affect your buying decision.
The Rocket Powerhead is only a floor cleaning vacuum cleaner, it does not have attachments for above floor vacuuming. In fact, it is supposed to be used on floor cleaning only.
Whereas the Navigator not only clean floors but also have hose, cleaning wand and other tool for above floor cleaning.
Need to do both floor and above floor cleaning? Buy the Navigator.

Technical Specs
Navigator: 120V., 60Hz, 1200W, 10Amps
Powerhead: 120V., 60Hz, 600W, 5Amps

Motor and Dust Bin
The Navigator has 2 motors, its dust bin is located on the vacuum body.
Whereas the Powerhead has the motor and dust cup on the nozzle.
The Naviagtor dust bin is much larger than the one on the Powerhead.

Both have suction control, but the controls are not on the handle. The Navigator has the control on the hose connector whereas the Rocket Powerhead has the suction control on the nozzle.

The Navigator has the Power, Brush On/Off button located on the top of the canister whereas the Powerhead has the Power and brush speed control on the handle.
You can find that the Navigator has Brush On/Off control whereas the Powerhead has 2 brush speeds setting but no brush off option.

Swivel Steering
The Powerhead has swivel steering whereas the Navigator does not.

Low Profile to Get Under Furniture
The Powerhead has a low profile nozzle for reaching under furniture whereas the Navigator cannot get under those places because the canister limits it.

The Rocket Powerhead is much lighter, it weighs only 9 lbs whereas the Navigator weighs about 15 lbs.

The Navigator does not have headlight whereas some Powerhead models like AH452 and AH452W have LED headlight to illuminate dark areas.

If you own these Shark upright vacuum, you can share your reviews or experience by commenting below.

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