Shark Rocket vs Shark Lift Away

The Shark Rocket can works as an upright or like a handheld while the Shark Navigator Lift Away can be used as an upright or a portable canister vacuum cleaner.
The Navigator Lift Away features Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filtration that help improve your indoor air quality. And it also has the suction control function for different cleaning needs. While the Shark Rocket does not feature these.
But the Shark Rocket is more compact, and comes with wall mount for easy and compact storage.

Here are some other difference between Shark Rocket and Lift Away:

Shark Rocket vs Shark Navigator Lift Away

 Shark RocketShark Navigator Lift Away
Shark Navigator Lift Away
DesignUpright / HandheldUpright / Lift Away Canister
Power SourceCordedCorded
Cord LengthFrom 27 feet to 32 feet, depends on the model you buy, HV300 = 27', HV301 = 30', HV302 = 30', HV302Q = 30', HV300W = 32'25 - 30 feet depends on the model you purchase
Technical Specifications120V., 60Hz, 500 Watts, 4.2 Amps120V., 60Hz, 1200 Watts, 10 Amps
Bagged or BaglessBaglessBagless
Dust Bin Capacity0.472 dry quarts
smaller than the Navigator Lift Away
1.2 dry quarts to the fill line and 3.0 dry quarts real usable capacity
Brushroll Speeds2 speeds, slow and high speeds for cleaning different surfacesone speed
Suction ControlNo
no control to regulate the suction.
allows you to turn down the airflow when a light suction is needed.
Weightunder 8 poundsFull unit weighs 12.5 lb, the canister alone is 7.5 lb.
Dimensions46" x 9.8" x 10.5" (H x W x D)45.2” x 11.4” x 12.4”
HEPA FilterNoYes
HEPA and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology Traps 99.99% of Dust
Wall MountYesNA
Swivel SteeringYesYes
Manual Height AdjustmentNo
no way to adjust the height of the vac manually to match carpet's/rug's pile height.
No height adjustment for brush roller
ColorOrange and BlueLavender
CostShark Navigator Lift Away is cheaper than the Shark Rocket.
Warranty5 year5 year
ManualShark Rocket Manual Download Link from Official Site Download Shark Navigator Lift Away Manual from Official Site

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