Vacuum with Rechargeable Battery: Eureka 96DZ Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

This Eureka 96DZ lightweight vacuum cleaner is cordless and has rechargeable battery. It is designed for quick pick ups. If you are tired of lugging out your bulk corded full-size vac and dragging it around for daily cleaning jobs, then this one can help you. It has brush roll which can be turned on while cleaning area rugs and off while vacuuming hard floors. Its handle is detachable, so it can also be converted from a stick cleaner into a hand vac when the handle is removed. This is convenient for cleaning furniture and also for easy storage.
Eureka Quick-Up Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner 96DZ

Likes about Eureka 96DZ

  • 2 in 1 unit, can be used as a stick vac as well as a hand vac.
  • The battery is replaceable.
  • Comes with 2 batteries, don’t need to buy another one.
  • Wall mounted charger has an extra charging slot for the extra battery. The charger can also sit on a counter or shelf.
  • While charging, the unit easily hangs in bracket with the nozzle end down.
  • Handle is easy to install and detach.
  • Picks up well on bare floors.
  • Great for vacuuming stairs.
    • Dislikes about Eureka 96DZ

      • The vacuum head doesn’t swivel, so it doesn’t get around furniture such as chair and table chair legs well.
      • Like some other bagless vacuum cleaners, it is a little dusty to empty the dirt cup and clean the filter, especially when you have pets.
      • You probably have to remove the pet hair from filter after each use.
      • Pet hair can get stuck in the brushes roller as well as the wheels. So, if you are a pet owner, maybe you should find a more suitable one.
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