Compare Shark SK460 vs S3601 Difference

There are some notable differences between Shark PRO Steam & Spray SK460 and Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601.

Tank Capacity
The S3601 water tank holds 500ml versus 450ml on the SK460.

The S3601 is 1550 watts versus 1050 watts on the SK460.

Steam Control
Both of them use Intelligent Steam Control with 3 settings Dust(S3601)/ SaniFiber disposable pad, Mop, and Scrub.
However, the steam control button location is different. The S3601 has the control near the top of the steam mop body whereas the SK460 has it on the handle for more convenient reach.

Mop Heads and Pads
The head and pads on S3601 support two-sided cleaning which allow you to double the cleaning area by flipping over the steam head without changing pads. Whereas the SK460 does not provide two-sided cleaning.
The S3601 can use rectangle mop head, triangle head, and even a carpet glider whereas the SK460 does not have optional heads.
The SK460 comes with washable pads and disposable pads whereas the S3601 uses only washable pads.

Cleaning Solution
Both of them have a water tank and you can only fill the tank with water only. However, the SK460 has additional bottle to hold cleaner. You can press the Spray Button to apply solution onto the floor that is to be cleaned. This allows you to combine steam and cleanser to clean those tough greasy stuck-on messes.

Cleaning Modes
The SK460 offers 3 modes of cleaning – Spray Only, Steam Only, and Spray & Steam.
Whereas the S3601 only has steam only mode.

Power Cord
The SK460 has a removable power cord, you can use the steam mop to do spray only cleaning without the cord. But you cannot steam cordless, it does not come with rechargeable battery to run the mop.
Whereas the S3601 has a built in cord.

Download manuals to learn more.
S3601 Manual –
SK460 Manual –

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