Compare Shark Steam Mop S3501 vs S3901 Difference

There are some notable differences between Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 and Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3901.

Steam Control
The S3901 features Shark Intelligent Steam Control that offers 3 options – Dust, Mop, and Scrub.
They are designed for light cleaning, everyday cleaning and tough cleaning.
Whereas the S3501 has no steam settings. You have to pump the handle in a downward motion to steam, the amount of steam you get depends on the speed you move the mop.

The S3901 can be turned into a handheld steamer for cleaning and sanitizing above floor surfaces.
Whereas the S3501 does not have a detachable handheld unit, it only works as a stick mop. So you cannot use it to clean counter top or similar spots.
The S3501 has a telescopic handle so you can adjust it to fit your height whereas the S3601 handle has a fixed length.

Water Capacity
The S3501 has a larger water tank that holds 450 ml (15 oz.) versus 300ml (10.14 oz.) on the S3901.

The S3901 is 1,550 watts versus 1,200 watts on the S3501.

Included Accessories
The S3901 includes more accessories. It comes with a Rectangular Mop Head, 1 All-Purpose Scrub Pockets, Accessory Hose, Concentrator Nozzle, Flat Scrubber Tool, Garment Steamer with Brush, Garment Microfiber Bonnet, All-Purpose Flat Scrubber Pad, and Filling Flask.
Whereas the S3501 comes with a Rectangular Mop Head, 1 Shark Washable All-Purpose Pocket, and Filling Flask.

If you know any other difference between the Shark S3501 and S3901 steam mops, please share below.

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