Difference between Oreck Super Deluxe BB880,BB1200DB,and BB900-DGR Commercial XL Pro 5 canister vacuum

These 3 Oreck machines are similar, all of them are corded and bagged. They are light, weighs about 5 pounds. They do not have wheels, if you want to move it around, you have to use the handle or the included shoulder strap. They have a vacuum port as well as a blower port for cleaning areas like stairs, bookshelves, and drapes.
There is no product info about the BB880 on the Oreck website, but you can find it on sites like amazon.com and walmart.com. For the info about the BB1200DB, you can find it here https://www.oreck.com/compact-canister-vacuum/BB1200DB.html, for the BB900-DGR, find it here https://www.oreckcommercial.com/vacuums/oreck-commercial-xl-pro-5-canister-vacuum

Below are some differences between them.

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About the Cord.
The Super Deluxe Compact canister vacuum BB880 and BB1200 have a 20 foot cord which is black, whereas the Commercial XL Pro 5 BB900-DGR has a longer cord which is 30 foot long and in orange color. According to user review, the Commercial one has more heavy duty cord.

Cord Storage
The BB880 and BB900-DGR have the cord wrap on the side of the canister, whereas the BB1200DB has the cord located on bottom of the canister.

The BB880 and BB1200DB are designed for household use, they carry a 3 year warranty for residential use. Whereas the BB900-DGR carries one year commercial warranty.

There is some slight difference on the included attachments, make sure what they includes before making a purchase.

If you know other difference between them, please share below.

The BB880 and the BB880-AD are the same except for the attachments.
BB1200DB manual – http://tti.a.bigcontent.io/v1/static/BB1200DB_Oreck_User_Manual
BB900-DGR manual – https://www.oreckcommercial.com/media/1157/72191-04_bb900dgr_xlpro5.pdf

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