Compare Hoover Floormate Deluxe vs Cordless what’s the Difference?

Below we will discuss the difference between Hoover Floormate Deluxe and Floormate Cordless BH55100PC Hard Floor Cleaners, hope it could help you make a right buying decision.

Power Source
The obvious difference between them is the power source.
The Hoover Floormate Deluxe is corded while the Floormate Cordless does not have a cord, it’s powered by 20 Volts Lithium Ion battery. According to Hoover product page, the battery run time is 30 minutes and charge time is 3 hours.

The Cordless is about $90 more expensive than the Deluxe on

The Cordless BH55100PC has a foldable handle, the Deluxe FH40160 series has a fixed handle, the FH40165 and FH40170 have a folding handle.

Tank Capacity
Both have dual tanks. The Floormate Deluxe tanks hold more, it has a 1.5-quart clean water tank and a 1.5-quart dirty water tank while the Cordless has 0.75-quart tanks.

Clean Boost Control
The Floormate Deluxe has a Clean Boost trigger which you can press to apply extra cleaning solution to remove those tough stains.
The Floormate Cordless does not have this trigger.

Cleaning Modes
The Cordless BH55100PC has a Wash & Dry Mode and a Scrub Mode, the Deluxe FH40160 and FH40165 series have Wash mode and Dry mode, the FH40170 has Scrub Mode, Wash Mode and Dry mode.
Wash mode lowers the brushes to the floor and uses brushes to clean while suctioning up excess water.
Scrub Mode lowers the brushes to the floor and uses brushes to clean, but stops the suction for extra cleaning with solution and water.
Dry mode raises the brushes off of the floor, stops brushes to suction up excess water.
Wash & Dry Mode maintains suction to let you wash when you move forward and dry when you pull back.

Mode Selection Control Position
The Floormate Deluxe has the mode selection switch near the handle.
The Cordless has it on the handle for fingertip control.

If you own Hoover Floormate Cordless or Deluxe, please share your opinion below, or if you find any error in the above info, please comment below. Thanks.

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