Compare Kenmore 29229(green) vs 29319(orange) what’s the difference?

We will discuss the difference between Kenmore 29229 and 29319 below.

Kenmore 29229 vs 29319
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On/Off Control
The 29229 has the power button on the canister, its handle has a 2 way switch – Floor/Carpet.
Whereas the 29319 has the power button on the handle, its handle has a 3 way On/Off Switch – Off/Floor/Carpet.

Cord Rewind
Both have rewind system, but not the exactly the same.
The Kenmore 29229 does not have a cord rewind button. While using the vacuum, you pull the cord out to desired length, then snap the cord into grip to prevent accidental rewinding.
To rewind, a slight tug will release the locking pawls in the cord reel allowing it to retract.
While the Kenmore 29319 has a cord rewind button, you just pull cord out of canister to desired length, the cord will not rewind until the cord rewind button is pushed.
To rewind, you just push the cord rewind button.

Check Bag Indicator
29229 does not have a check bag indicator which the 29319 has.

Wand Design
There is design change on the wand that causes a little difference while using the attachments on wand.

Included Tools
The 29229 comes with a Crevice Tool, Dust Brush/Upholstery Tool, and Bare Floor Tool.
Whereas the 29319 comes with a Crevice Tool, Dust Brush/Upholstery Tool, Bare Floor Tool, and HandiMate Pet Tool.

The 29229 is in Green whereas the 29319 is in Orange.

Cord Length
The 29229 has a 24 ft. cord versus 26 ft. on the 29319.

Some Similarities.
They have HEPA filter;
360-degree swivel hose;
4 manual height settings;
headlight to light the darkness;
retractable cord;
bagged, use Kenmore C bag;
12 amps;
backed by 1 year limited warranty;

If you know other difference between Kenmore 29229 and 29319, please share below. Or find anything wrong with the above info, please correct them. Thanks

Download manuals to learn more.
Kenmore 29229 manual
Kenmore 29319 manual

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