Compare Shark SK460 vs SK435CO Difference

Both of the Shark SK460 and SK435CO are Pro Steam & Spray models, they are similar, such as having 3 cleaning modes, removable cable and 450ml water tank. However, they are not exactly the same.
Below we will discuss the major difference between them – Steam Control.

The SK460 features Intelligent Electronic Steam Control whereas the SK435CO features One Touch Electronic Steam Control.
The Intelligent Electronic Steam Control allows you to choose from 3 distinct steam settings for different hard floor cleaning needs.
Whereas the One Touch Electronic Steam Control does not have options to select, you just press the Steam Control button to start the steam mop, and “it gives you the perfect amount of steam for all of your cleaning tasks.”

Apart from the steam control, they are almost the same.
You can use them to Spray only, Steam only, or Spray and Steam.
They come with Shark Hard Floor Cleanser, disposable SaniFiber pads, washable multilayer pad, and AA batteries.
They have battery powered Steam Energized Cleanser Spray that allows for cordless spraying.
The Removable power cord does NOT mean that these steam mops are rechargeable or can steam cordless. They can just go cordless when in spray only cleaning mode, they do not use rechargeable batteries, the 4 AA batteries are used to power the Steam Energized Cleanser Spray.

You can read manuals to learn more.
Shark SK460 Manual –
Shark SK435 Manual –

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