Comparing Hoover Power Path Models

Let’s discuss the difference between the Hoover Power Path carpet washer models, including Power Path FH50950, Power Path Deluxe FH50951/FH50951PC, Power Path Pro, Power Path Pro Advanced FH51102PC, Power Path Pro XL FH51101.

These models can be divided into 2 types based on the brush system.

The Power Path and Power Path Deluxe use dual rotating brushes.
While the Power Path Pro, Pro Advanced, and Pro XL use one rotating brush and a counter rotating spin scrub brushes block.

Other difference between them is as follows.

Wash/Rinse Selector
The Power Path Pro versions have a Wash/Rinse selector that allows you to choose to Wash or Rinse the surfaces while the Power Path and Deluxe do not feature this option.

Cleaning Surfaces
It seems that the Power Path and Deluxe can be used to clean carpeted surfaces.
While the Pro versions can clean both carpet and hard floors with the help of a Hard Floor Squeegee.

The Pro versions equipped with a 10 amp motor while the Power Path and Deluxe use a 6 amp motor.

Water Tank Capacity
The Pro versions have larger tanks, the Pro and Pro Advanced have 1 gallon clean water tank capacity, Pro XL has the largest size tank which holds up to 1.25 gallons.
While the Power Path and Deluxe have a 0.75 gallon clean water tank.

Cord Length
The Pro versions have a 22 ft. cord versus 20 ft. on the Power Path and Deluxe models.

Detergent Mixing
The Power Path and Deluxe have no detergent tanks, you have to use the measure cup to mix the detergen with the clean water tank before cleaning.
While the Pro versions have a detergent tank, and they mix the detergent with water automatically during cleaning.

Weight and Dimensions
The 3 Pro versions are larger, heavier, and have wider cleaning path.
The Power Path and Deluxe weighs about 13.5 lbs versus 19 lbs on the Pro versions.
The Power Path and Deluxe have a 11.75 inch cleaning path while the Pro versions have 13 inch cleaning path.

Handle Material
According to Hoover product pages, the Power Path and Deluxe feature plastic handle versus metal handle on the Pro versions.

Edge Cleaning Brush
The Power Path and Deluxe has no edge cleaning brushes while the Pro versions have.

The Power Path and Deluxe carry one year limited warranty while the Pro versions carry a 2 year limited warranty.

Small difference between the similar models.
The Power Path Deluxe comes with a stair tool – a 6 inch wide, 2 built-in rows of brushes, for cleaning carpeted stairs while the Power Path does not include.
The Power Path Pro Advanced comes with the Hard Floor Squeegee while the other 2 Pro versions not include, the Pro XL has larger clean water tank (1.25 gallons) than the other 2 Pro versions (1 gallon).

Please share your opinions by commenting below if you know other difference between them, or find anything wrong in the info above, or have any experience with these Hoover Power Path carpet cleaners, thank you.

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