Dirt Devil M0100 vs M0105 what’s the difference?

According to Dirt Devil customer care, the difference between Dirt Devil M0100 and M0105 are:

1, Warranty
Dirt Devil M0100 carries 3 year warranty on parts and motor, while the M0105 carries 2 year warranty.

2, Color
M0100 is Red & silver while the M0105 is Blue & silver.

However, there are also some users who own both these 2 units say that the Dirt Devil M0105 is designed specially for pets, the bristles on the roller head are different, and the M0105 comes with a special pet hair upholstery brush which is also different from the one on M0100.

Both of them feature 7amps motor, motorized beater bar, 6.5 inches cleaning path, 20 feet power cord, HEPA filtration, 2 feet hose and transparent brush window.

If you know more difference between these 2 Dirt Devil corded motorized hand vacuum cleaners, please discuss below.

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