Dyson V8 vs V6 what’s the difference?

Dyson V6 Absolute vs V8 Absolute

Dyson just added a new vacuum – the Dyson V8 to its cordless vacuum cleaner familiy, this new vacuum looks similar to its predecessor – the battery driven V6. However, they are not identical to each other, there is design changes and improvements on the V8.
Below is some main differences between the Dyson cordless V6 and V8.

The Dyson V8 is powered by the Dyson digital motor V8 that is claimed to generate more powerful suction power than the Dyson digital motor V6 that powers the Dyson V6 vacuum.
The Dyson Digital Motor V8 operates at 425W while the Dyson Digital Motor V6 runs at 350W.

Suction Power
The Dyson V8 generates 115 air watts max suction power versus 100 air watts on the V6.

Battery and Running Time
Dyson V8 is powered by the new Nickel Cobalt Aluminum lithium-ion batteries whereas the V6 uses Nickel Manganese Cobalt Lithium-ion Battery.
According to Dyson, the new battery chemistry enables V8 to runs longer than the V6.
Based on the info provided by Dyson, the V8 can run up to 40 minutes with the small attachments like the crevice tool and dusting brush at standard mode, up to 30 minutes when using with mini motorized tool and soft roller cleaner head, up to 25 minutes when using with the direct-drive cleaner head. At max power mode, the V8 runs up to 7 minutes with any of the tools.
At standard mode, the V6 runs up to 20 minutes with the crevice tool and dusting brush attached, up to 17 minutes when using with the mini motorized tool, up to 16 minutes with the motorized floor tool and hard floor head attached. At max mode, it runs up to 6 minutes with any of the accessories attached.

Battery Life Indicator
The V6 only has a blue light to warn about low battery whereas the V8 now has a batter life indicator that tells the remaining battery power.

Charging Time
On the manual, it shows that the V8 needs 5 hours to fully charge whereas the V6 takes 3.5 hours to fully charge.

Dust Empty System
This is another big change.
With the new bin emptying design – hygienic dirt ejector on the V8, you can just pull and lift upwards the red lever to empty the bin without touching any dirt.
There is rubber collar that scrape off the mess that built up and stuck inside.
The V6 uses bottom empty dust cup, you press a red button to open the bin base to release the dirt. It does not have the mechanism that allows you to lift up the cyclone part to scrape off the collected mess. Sometimes you may have to use your finger to remove dirt and debris that stuck inside the bin.

Noise Level
According to Dyson, the V8 is quieter than V6.
This attributes to acoustic design improvements – acoustic engineered airways, post filter media, open cell foam, closed cell foam, acoustic felt, and acoustic baffle.
These regulate air flow paths, absorb vibrations, muffle sound, therefore reduce noise volume.

Dust Cup Capacity
Both have a small size bin, however, the V8 has a bit larger bin, its bin capacity is 0.14 gallons whereas the V6 holds up to 0.11 gallons.

The V8 is heavier. For example, the V8 Absolute weighs 5.75 lbs whereas the V6 Absolute weighs 5.1 lbs.

Dimensions (HxWxD)
The dimensions of V8 are 9.8″ x 49″ x 8.8″
The dimensions of V6 are 9.8″ x 47.5″ x 8.2″

You can download manuals to learn more if you like.
Dyson V8 Absolute Manual
Dyson V6 Absolute Manual

If you have any experience with these Dyson battery driven vacuum cleaners, please share below.

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