Hoover Floormate Edge vs Deluxe what’s the difference?

The Hoover Floormate Edge FH40190 and Floormate Deluxe FH40160PC are hard floor cleaners, they are designed to clean hard surfaces like sealed hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate and marble.
Both of them have separate tanks for clean and dirty water, SpinScrub brushes, and Wash/Dry mode selection, removable nozzle, and carry 2 year limited warranty.

However, they are not identical to each other, here are some differences between Hoover Floormate Edge and Floormate Deluxe.

Cord Length
The Floormate Deluxe FH40160PC has a 20-foot cord.
The Floormate Edge FH40190 cord measures 25 feet.

Tank Capacity
The Floormate Deluxe has larger tanks.
The Floormate Deluxe has a 1.5-quart clean water tank and a 1.5-quart dirty water tank.
The Floormate Edge has a 1-quart clean water tank and a 0.75-quart dirty water tank.

Nozzle Width
The Floormate Deluxe has a 11.5-inch wide nozzle.
The Floormate Edge has a 11-inch nozzle.

Clean Boost Control
The Floormate Deluxe has a Clean Boost trigger that you can use it to apply extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas.
The Floormate Edge does not have this control.

Edge to Edge Suction
The Floormate Edge has a Edge-to-Edge Suction feature that provides even suction across the entire nozzle while the Deluxe does not feature.

The Floormate Edge weighs 13 lbs while the Deluxe weighs 13.8 lbs.

Motor Amp
According to Hoover product detail pages, the Floormate Deluxe has a 3.5 amps motor while the Edge has a 6.3 amps motor.

Scrub Brush
The Floormate Edge comes with a Multi-Floor Brush while the Deluxe comes with a Wood Floor Brush and a Tile & Grout Brush.
The Floormate Edge uses 5 counter rotating brushes while the Deluxe uses 4 counter rotating brushes.

It seems that the Floormate Deluxe receives better customer rating than the Edge.

If you own these 2 Hoover Floormate machines, please share your opinions below. If you find anything wrong with the above info, please correct it.

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