Hoover Linx BH50010 vs Linx Signature BH50020/BH50020PC what’s the difference?

The difference between Hoover Linx BH50010, Linx Signature BH50020, and BH50020PC are as follows:

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The Linx Signature BH50020 and BH50020PC are the same, the only difference is the packaging.

The difference between the original Linx BH50010 and Linx Signature BH50020/BH50020PC is:
The Linx Signature is a newer model with slight cosmetic and design change.

The Linx is in lighter color, something like glacier blue while the Signature is darker, like black. The dust cup on the Linx is also in lighter color. However, both allow you to see through to know what and how much are collected.
The Linx has a red plastic part inside the canister whereas the Signature has a clear one.
The Signature has plastic covers over the wheels on the nozzle while the Linx normal has exposed rear wheels. According to user reviews, the wheels on the Signature makes it roll better, more smoothly, and quieter on hard floors.
The features, operation, major parts of the Linx and Linx Signature, such as the motor, are the same.

Compare Hoover Linx and Linx Signature Specs Side by Side

 Hoover Linx Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum BH50020/Bh50020PCHoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner BH50010
Bagged or BaglessBaglessBagless
Power SourceBattery DrivenBattery Driven
Power18 Volts18 Volts
Charge TimeUp to 3 hoursUp to 3 hours
Battery TypeLithium IonLithium Ion
Fully Charge IndicatorYesYes
Run Timeabout 15 minutesabout 15 minutes
Battery Life IndicatorFuel GaugeFuel Gauge
Motorized BrushrollYesYes
Brushroll On/OffYesYes
Washable FiltersYesYes
HEPA FiltrationNoNo
Weightapproximately 7.3 pounds7.3 pounds
WindTunnel TechnologyYesYes
Nozzle Width11"11"
Height AdjustmentSelf Adjust, No Manual SettingsSelf Adjust, No Manual Settings
Brushed Edge CleaningYesYes
Included ToolsNoNo
Extreme Recline Handle
Extreme Recline Handle
Cleaning WandNoNo
Clear Dirt CupYesYes
Clear Nozzle WindowNoNo
Bottom Release Dirt CupYesYes
ColorBlackBlack and Glacier Blue
Low Profile BaseYesYes
Full Bin IndicatorNoNo
Dirt FinderNoNo
Warranty2 year limited warranty2 year limited warranty
Manualdownload manualUser Guide

Some questions and answers:

  • Can they be transformed into a hand vacuum?
  • Do they have suction control?
    No suction adjuster.
  • Can you turn off the brush roll?
    Yes. You can switch between Suction Only mode or Suction with Brush mode.
  • Is the roller removable?
    You will need to remove screws to remove the bottom plate to access the brushroll.
  • Do they come with tools like hose or wand?
    No tools included. They do not allow you to use hose, wand or other attachments.
  • Do they come with wall mount?
  • Do they stand upright by their own?
    Yes, they can stand alone.
  • Can you remove the battery?
    Yes. They have removable battery.
  • Is the battery interchangeable between them?
    Yes, they use the same battery.
  • Do you have to remove the battery to charge or leave the battery installed to charge?
    You have to remove the battery to charge. There is a table top charging base.
  • Do they come with charger?
  • Can you leave battery in charger after fully charged?
    It is recommended to remove the battery.
  • Can you use them with cord?
  • Do they have HEPA filter?
  • Is the filter washable?
  • Do they use bags?
    No, they are bagless.


  • Cordless, powered by 18V Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • Come with table top charging base.
  • Fingertip controls allow you to turn on/off the vacuum, turn on/off brushroll without bending over.
  • Fuel gauge near the top shows you how much battery power remaining and when it needs to be charged.
  • Feature WindTunnel Technology to help lift and remove debris and dirt.
  • Lightweight, weighs under 10 pounds.
  • Low Profile Design allows it to get under and around furniture more easily than bulky upright vacuum.

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