Shark Rocket Powerhead vs Shark Rocket TruePet/Deluxe Pro what’s the difference?

We will compare some major differences between Shark Rocket Powerhead and Shark Rocket TruePet/Deluxe Pro to help you choose between these vacuum cleaners.

The Shark Rocket TruePet HV322 and Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro like the HV321 are the same unit except for tiny cosmetic things.

There is big difference between Shark Rocket TruePet/Deluxe Pro and Shark Rocket Powerhead.
Shark HV322 vs AH452

The Rocket TruePet/Deluxe Pro is a stick and handheld 2 in 1 vacuum. Besides the floor nozzle, it comes with a variety of attachments, like crevicel tool, dusting brush, and pet hair tool, that allow it to clean from floor to ceiling. Whereas the Powerhead is designed strictly for floor use only. It does not have any tools for above floor cleaning.
So, if you need a vacuum to clean not only floors, but also ceiling fans, upholstery, stairs, drapes, etc., you should buy the Rocket TruePet/Deluxe Pro.
If you need only a vacuum for floors, the Powerhead may be a better choice since it is more powerful, according to user reviews.

The TruePet/Deluxe Pro has the dust bin and a suction motor at the top, the weight in the handle can cause hand fatigue. And it is top heavy, hard to stand on its own.
The Powerhead has the motor and dust cup on the nozzle, with most the weight on the floor. So it feels much lighter. According to Shark, the vacuuming weight in hand is less than 1 lb. And it can stand on its own.

The TruePet/Deluxe Pro has no suction control.
The Powerhead has suction control on the floor nozzle.

The TruePet/Deluxe Pro comes with a wall mount that lets you hang the vacuum on the wall for compact storage.

The Powerhead has wider cleaning path, but the narrower TruePet/Deluxe Pro can get into tighter areas.

The TruePet/Deluxe Pro has LED light on the nozzle and handle, whereas the Powerhead has no lights on the handle, and some Powerhead models, such as the AH400 and AH401, also has no headlight.

Power Specifications
Powerhead – 600W, 120V., 60Hz, 5A
TruePet – 500W, 120V., 60Hz, 4.2A

Similar things.
They have swivel head.
They have low profile motorized nozzle that is able to lay flat for reaching under furniture.
They have 2 brush speeds but do not have brushroll on/off control.
Both of them are corded, NOT battery powered. If you like a cordless vacuum, it would be better to check out a Dyson such as the Dyson V6.

If you own Shark Rocket Powerhead (AH400, AH401, AH452, etc.) and Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro (HV320, HV320W, HV321, etc.), Shark Rocket TruePet (HV322), please share your experience and reviews to help other people buy the right one.

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