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What’s the difference between Shark WD101 vs WD201 vs AW201 HydroVac 3-in-1 Cleaners?

The difference between Shark WD101, WD201 and AW201 are as follows:

Corded vs Cordless
The Shark WD101 HydroVac XL 3-in-1 Vacuum is corded whereas the WD201 and AW201 are cordless.

The Shark WD101 comes with (1) 12oz multi-surface concentrate, (1) storage tray;
the Shark WD201 HydroVac Cordless Pro XL 3-in-1 Vacuum comes with (1) 12oz multi-surface concentrate and (1) charging dock;
the Shark AW201 comes with (2) 12oz multi-surface concentrate, one spare antimicrobial brushroll, and (1) charging dock;

The Shark WD101 is Navy,
the Shark WD201 is Pure Water,
Shark AW201 HydroVac Cordless Pro XL 3-in-1 Vacuum is Tea Green.

VacuumShark WD101 HydroVac XL 3-in-1 VacuumShark WD201 HydroVac Cordless Pro XL 3-in-1 VacuumShark AW201 HydroVac Cordless Pro XL 3-in-1 Vacuum
TypeVacuum & MopVacuum & MopVacuum & Mop
On/Off ButtonYes, on the handleYes, on the handleYes, on the handle
Power SourceCordedCordless/Battery PoweredCordless/Battery Powered
Cord Length25-footNANA
BatteryNA21.6V Lithium-ion Battery21.6V Lithium-ion Battery
Charge TimeNAapproximately 4 hoursapproximately 4 hours
Surface SettingsHard Floor, Area RugHard Floor, Area RugHard Floor, Area Rug
LED DisplayYesYesYes
Two Tank SystemYesYesYes
Self CleanYesYesYes
Antibacterial BrushrollYesYesYes
Brush On/OffNoNoNo
on the nozzle
on the nozzle
on the nozzle
Clean Tank Capacity500ml/0.53 quarts500ml/0.53 quarts500ml/0.53 quarts
Dirty Tank Capacity360ml/0.38 quarts360ml/0.38 quarts360ml/0.38 quarts
Odor Neutralizer TechnologyYesYesYes
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal SystemNoNoNo
HEPA FilterNoNoNo
Filter TypeWashable Foam FiltersWashable Foam FiltersWashable Foam Filters
Cleaning Path Width (inch)
ColorNavyPure WaterTea Green
Including(1) Shark HydroVac XL Corded 3-in-1 Vacuum,
(1) 12oz multi-surface concentrate,
(1) antimicrobial brushroll,
(1) foam filter,
(1) storage tray.
(1) Shark HydroVac Cordless Pro XL 3-in-1 Vacuum,
(1) 12 oz. multi-surface concentrate,
(1) antimicrobial brushroll,
(1) foam filter,
(1) charging dock.
(1) Shark HydroVac Cordless Pro XL 3-in-1 Vacuum,
(2) 12 oz. multi-surface concentrate,
(2) antimicrobial brushroll,
(1) foam filter,
(1) charging dock.
Weight10.27 lbs8.46 lbs8.46 lbs
Dimensions (inch)12.83" x 11.73" x 43.65" (LxWxH)11.06" x 9.81" x 43.74" (LxWxH)11.06" x 9.81" x 43.74" (LxWxH)
Warranty3 year limited warranty3 year limited warranty3 year limited warranty

Other info:
* Brushroll can be removed to clean.
* Cordless models not designed for using a swappable battery.
* The cleaner will not run if there is no sufficient water supply in the clean solution tank.

Shark Stratos Stick HZ3002 vs Vertex Stick HZ2002 what’s the difference?

The Shark Stratos stick vacuum HZ3002 is a newer model which adds some features that the Vertex stick vacuum HZ2002 does not have.
Below is the main difference between Shark HZ2002 Vertex Ultralight DuoClean PowerFins Corded Stick Vacuum and Shark HZ3002 Stratos UltraLight Corded Stick Vacuum:

  • Odor Neutralizer Technology
    The Stratos HZ3002 features the Odor Neutralizer Technology which “effectively deodorizes while interacting with odors from inanimate sources”, according to the SharkClean.
    There is an odor dial on the nozzle, and inside the dial, there is an odor cartridge. This cartridge have fragrance, and it should be replaced every
    6 months for optimal odor neutralizer technology
    Whereas the Vertex HZ2002 does not have this feature.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal with HEPA filtration
    The Stratos HZ3002 has Anti-Allergen Complete Seal with HEPA filtration to help trap fine particles and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner, and emit fresh air.
    While the Vertex HZ2002 use only foam and felt filters.
  • Dust Cup Capacity
    The Stratos HZ3002 has a bigger bin.
    The Vertex HZ2002 has a 0.32-quart dust cup while the Stratos HZ3002 holds up to 0.79-quart.
  • Power Specs
    The power Specs of Vertex HZ2002 are 5.7 amps, 680W.
    While the power Specs of Stratos HZ3002 are 5 amps, 600W.
  • Weight
    The HZ2002 weighs 9.05 lbs versus 8.68 lbs on the HZ3002.
  • Cleaning Path Width
    The HZ2002 has a cleaning path width of 8.11-inch versus 8.25-inch on the HZ3002.
  • Accessories
    HZ3002 comes with a Crevice Tool, an Upholstery Tool, a Hair Pro Pet Power Brush, and an Onboard Storage Clip.

    HZ2002 comes with a Dusting Brush, a Crevice Tool, a Self-cleaning Pet Power Brush, and an Onboard Storage Clip.

    Crevice Tool is for cleaning in tight places and hard-to-reach areas.

    Upholstery Tool can be used to remove pet hair, dust, and large debris from delicate upholstered fabrics.

    The Hair Pro Pet Power Brush tackles pet hair and ground-in dirt from above floor areas like carpeted stairs and upholstery, while actively removing hair wrap as it cleans.

    Onboard Storage Clip can be snapped onto the wand to store up to two accessories.

    Dusting Brush dusts and cleans delicate surfaces such as lampshades.

    Self-cleaning Pet Power Brush actively removes hair wrap as it cleans upholstery and carpeted surfaces.

VacuumShark Vertex Ultralight Corded Stick Vacuum HZ2002Shark Stratos™ UltraLight Corded Stick Vacuum HZ3002
DesignStick & Handheld 2-in-1Stick & Handheld 2-in-1
On/Off ButtonYesYes
Power SourceCordedCorded
Cord Length30-foot30-foot
Surface Settings22
LED DisplayYesYes
DuoClean TechnologyYesYes
Self Clean BrushrollYesYes
Brush On/OffNoNo
on the nozzle
on the nozzle
Dust Collection TypeBaglessBagless
Bin Capacity0.32 quarts0.79 quarts
Odor Neutralizer TechnologyNoYes
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal SystemNoYes
HEPA FilterNoYes
Washable FiltersYesYes
Cleaning Path Width (inch)8.118.25
Accessories(1) Dusting Brush
(1) Crevice Tool
(1) Self-cleaning Pet Power Brush
(1) Onboard Storage Clip
(1) Upholstery Tool
(1) Hair Pro Pet Power Brush
(1) Crevice Tool
(1) Onboard Storage Clip
Weight9.05 lbs8.68 lbs
Dimensions (inch)10.24" X 10.24" X 45.27" (L x W x H)9.66" X 10.24" X 46.26" (L x W x H)
Warranty5 year limited warranty5 year limited warranty


  • They are corded and have a 30-foot power cord.
  • They have DuoClean PowerFins floor nozzle with self cleaning brushroll.
    The DuoClean PowerFins floor nozzle has two rollers: a soft roller to pull in large particles and fine dust for a polished look on hard floors, and a roller with flexible silicone fins to deliver non stop contact on carpets and floors, result in more dirt collection in every pass.
    Shark claimed that the self-cleaning brushroll will pick up hair without wrapping problems.
  • Both have two floor settings. And they have a floor selector button that allows you to press to toggle between Bare Floor and Carpet settings.
  • LED User Interface
    Have LED Display that makes it intuitive when changing cleaning modes.
  • 2-in-1 design: can be used as a handheld or a stick vacuum.
  • Bagless.
  • Have washable filters.
  • Removable dust cup for emptying.
  • Hand unit can be hooked onto the wand for storage.
  • Carry 5-year limited warranty.

Questions and answers:

  • Do they have On/Off control or trigger type control?
    They have On/Off power button. You don’t have to keep pressing a trigger.
  • Do they stand upright by their own?
    No. When not in use it will need to be leaned against something or the hand unit need to be stored on the hook on the wand.
  • Do they have headlights?
    Yes, there are headlights on the nozzle. But no lights on the hand unit.
  • Are the filters washable?
  • Do they have a wall mount?
  • Can you turn off the brushroll when cleaning delicate surfaces?
    No. The brushroll spins in both carpet mode and hard floor mode.

Download manuals to learn more:

What’s the difference between Shark IX141 vs UZ155?

The Shark IX141 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum and Shark UZ155 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum are successor of the Shark Rocket cordless series. They are battery powered stick and handheld 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners.

  • The main difference between Shark Ix141 and UZ155 is the brushroll design.
    The Shark Ix141 uses traditional bristle brushroll whereas the UZ155 uses self cleaning brushroll with Powerfins.
    The PowerFins use flexible silicone fins to replace bristle brush, dig deep into carpets and directly engage floors. According to Shark, it’s designed to pick up more hair versus Shark bristle nozzles.
    Additionally, the UZ155 equipped with self cleaning brushroll which lessen hair wrap issues.
  • The color is another difference between them.
    The Ix141 is in Grey/Iris whereas the UZ155 is Grey/Green.

Otherwise, they are similar.

Vacuum NameShark Pet Cordless Stick Vac IX141Shark Pet Cordless Stick Vac UZ155
DesignStick and Handheld 2 in 1Stick and Handheld 2 in 1
Power SourceBattery PoweredBattery Powered
Battery TypeLithium-ion BatteryLithium-ion Battery
Removable BatteryNoNo
Charging TimeApproximately 3 to 3.5 hoursApproximately 3 to 3.5 hours
Run Time10 to 40 minutes depends on selected modes10 to 40 minutes depends on selected modes
Charger IncludedYesYes
Dust Collection TypeBaglessBagless
Collection Capacity0.34 Dry Quarts0.34 Dry Quarts
Surface SettingCarpet or Bare FloorCarpet or Bare Floor
Motorized BrushrollYesYes
Brush On/OffNoNo
Self Cleaning BrushrollNoYes
Swivel SteeringYesYes
Washable FilterYesYes
HEPA FilterNoNo
Anti-Allergen Complete SealNoNo
Wand TypeStandard Wand or MultiFlex WandStandard Wand
Weightabout 6.89 lbsabout 7.94 lbs

Dimensions10.24" X 7.09" X 46.1"10.24" x 14.96" x 46.06"
Attachmentsa Pet Multi-Tool,
a Pet Crevice Tool
a Pet Multi-Tool,
a Pet Crevice Tool
Wall MountNoNo
Warranty5 year limited warranty on vacuum,2 year limited warranty on battery5 year limited warranty on vacuum,2 year limited warranty on battery
  • Can be used as a stick vacuum or a hand vacuum.
  • They have a built-in battery, NOT swappable battery design.
    Battery can only be charged in the vacuum.

    A full charge takes approximately 3 to 3.5 hours.

    Runs up to 40 minutes depends on what modes you use.

  • Equipped with a brushless motor.
  • Have carpet and bare floor settings. However, the motorized roller cannot be turned off.
    If you need extra power, there is a Trigger on the handheld vacuum to pull for an added boost in power.
  • They have headlights on the nozzle to illuminate low light spots and help find hidden debris.
  • Come with a Pet Multi-Tool and a Crevice Tool.
  • Featuring Shark’s CleanTouch Dirt Ejector which allows you to empty the bin with a single touch.
  • They use washable filters.
  • They do not self stand while cleaning.
  • The handheld part can be removed to clip at the base of the wand for free standing storage.
  • Backed by 5-year limited warranty on the vacuum and 2-year limited warranty on the battery.

What’s the difference between Shark CZ351 vs CZ2001?

The main difference between Shark Vertex Canister Vacuum CZ2001 and Shark Pet Canister Bagless Corded Vacuum CZ351 is the brushroll system.

The CZ351 uses Powerfins whereas the CZ2001 uses DuoClean Powerfins.

The Powerfins uses flexible silicone fins to replace the traditional bristle. According to Shark, the Powerfins provides continuous cleaning contact, digging deep into carpets and directly engaging floors; it is designed to pick up more with less hair wrap problem when compared to bristle brush, and unlike a standard bristle brushroll, there are no gaps, thus less dirt may be missed.

The DuoClean Powerfins has one more roller in the nozzle, so the DuoClean Powerfins system has two rollers, a Soft Roller and the Powerfins Roller, work together in the nozzle.
The soft roller helps pull in large particles and fine dust without pushing them away, gives a polished look on floors.

Other difference is the color and price.

The CZ351 is Navy & Silver whereas the CZ2001 is Black & Copper.
The CZ351 is cheaper than the CZ2001.

VacuumShark CZ351 Pet Bagless Corded Canister VacuumShark CZ2001 Vertex Canister Vacuum
Power SourceCordedCorded
Power Specs120V, 60Hz,890W,7.4A120V, 60Hz,890W,7.4A
Cord Length
Auto Cord RewindYesYes
Suction ControlYes, 3 levelsYes, 3 levels
Floor Type Setting2 settings, Carpet & Hard Floor2 settings, Carpet & Hard Floor
Fingertip Power ControlYesYes
Brushroll On/Off ControlNoNo
Self Cleaning BrushrollYesYes
Cleaning Path Width10.2-inch10.2-inch
Led Headlightson nozzleon nozzle
Anti-Allergen Complete SealYesYes
Dust Collection TypeBaglessBagless
Bin Capacity1.9 dry quarts/0.475 gallons1.9 dry quarts/0.475 gallons
Hose Length5.6-foot5.6-foot
Flexible WandYesYes
AttachmentsPet Crevice Tool, Upholstery ToolPet Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool
Weight17.2 lb s17.8 lbs
ColorNavy & SilverBlack & Copper
Dimensions(inch)17.7 D x 14.2 W x 49.2 H17.7 D x 14.2 W x 49.2 H
Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty

Similarities between them:

  • Both are corded, equipped with 25-foot power cord and cord rewind.
  • Bagless, have a dust cup that holds up to 0.475 gallons.
  • Self-cleaning brushroll for picking up hair with less hair wrapping issues.
  • The brushroll cannot be turned off, but spins at a slower speed in the hard floor setting and higher speed in the carpet mode.
  • Have 3 suction levels to choose from to meet different cleaning needs.
  • Anti-allergen complete sealed system with HEPA filter to capture and trap tiny particles inside the vacuum, and emits clean air.
  • Headlights on the nozzle to help clean dark spots and reveal hidden debris.
  • Flexible wand allows you to bend the wand to clean under furniture, or fold it over for storage.
  • LED Smart Display that allows you to conveniently select the cleaning settings you need.
  • Come with Pet Crevice Tool and the Upholstery Tool for above floor cleaning.
  • Canister part weighs less than9 pounds for easy carrying around.

Shark ZU632 vs NV752 vs LA502 vs AZ2002 what’s the difference?

Some differences between Shark ZU632, NV752, LA502 and AZ2002:

  • Brushroll Design
    The NV752 has a traditional brushroll,
    the ZU632 has a self-cleaning brushroll,
    whereas the LA502 and AZ2002 have one soft roller and one Powerfin roller with self-cleaning feature.
  • Brushroll On/Off Control
    The LA502, AZ2002 and ZU632 do not have a brush off setting, the rollers keep spinning in all floor settings.
    While the NV752 is the only one that you can turn off the brushroll when setting to Hard Floor.
    So, if you want one with a brush on/off button that will not make you worry about scratching your hard floor, have a look at the NV752.
  • Lift Away Type
    The NV752, AZ2002 and ZU632 feature Powered Lift Away whereas the LA502 features Lift-Away.
    The difference between Powered Lift-Away and Lift-Away:
    Powered Lift-Away allows you to lift the pod and use the handle/wand with a motorized nozzle/tool whereas the Lift-Away only allows you to use non motorized nozzles/tools when detaching the pod.
    Obviously, the Powered Lift-Away models are more versatile. Especially when you want to use the powered nozzle to clean under furniture or use motorized tool to clean upholstered surface.
  • Power Control Location
    The NV752, AZ2002 and ZU632 have the power control and surface selector on the handle for easy reach whereas the LA502 has the control on the top of the pod.
    Control on the handle is more convenient when you want to turn on/off the vacuum and switch between surface settings.
  • Headlights
    The LA502, AZ2002 and ZU632 have headlights on the floor nozzle whereas the NV752 is the only one that has lights on both floor nozzle and handle.
    Headlight on the handle can help you clean low light spots such as nooks and crannies with handle and tools.
  • Cord Length
    The LA502, NV752 and ZU632 have a 25-foot cord whereas the AZ632 has a longer power cable which is 30-foot in length.
  • Suction Control Slider
    The NV752, AZ2002 and ZU632 do not have a Suction Control Slider to allow you to adjust suction to clean different surfaces.
    Whereas the LA502 has the suction control.
    If you are one of those who want to adjust the suction little by little, you may want to consider the LA502.
  • Dust Cup Capacity
    The AZ2002 has a dust cup that holds more then the other models.

Suction Power
Want one that will get you impressed by the suction power? Try the AZ2002, it has powerful suction.

VacuumShark LA502 Rotator Lift-Away ADV DuoClean PowerFins Zero-M Upright Vacuum CleanerShark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum CleanerShark ZU632 Rotator Powered Lift-Away with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum CleanerShark AZ2002 Vertex Powered Lift-Away, DuoClean PowerFins, Self Brushroll Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Power SourceCordedCordedCordedCorded
Power Specs120V, 60Hz,960W,8A120V, 60Hz,1150W,9.5A120V, 60Hz,1150W,9.5A120V, 60Hz,1400W,11.8A
Cord Length
(old model has 30-foot cord)
Auto Cord RewindNoNoNoNo
Suction Control SliderYesNoNoNo
Pile Height AdjustmentOne Carpet SettingHigh,LowHigh,LowHigh,Low
Fingertip Power ControlNoYesYesYes
Lift AwayYesYesYesYes
Powered Lift AwayNoYesYesYes
Swivel SteeringYesYesYesYes
Brushroll On/Off ControlNoYesNoNo
Self Cleaning BrushrollYesNoYesYes
Led Headlightson nozzleon nozzle and handleon nozzleon nozzle
Anti-Allergen Complete SealYesYesYesYes
HEPA FilterYesYesYesYes
Dust Collection TypeBaglessBaglessBaglessBagless
Bin Capacity0.89 dry quarts0.88 dry quarts0.88 dry quarts1 dry quart
Hose Length6-foot6-foot6-foot5.5-foot
AttachmentsCrevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, Self-Cleaning Pet Power BrushUpholstery Tool, Pet Power Brush, Crevice Tool
(old model has more tools)
Pet Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-ToolPet Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush,
Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush
Weight12.3lbs15.4lbs16.2 lbs16.38lbs
ColorMetallic GreyBordeauxBlueSilver/Rose Gold
Dimensions(inch)12 x 10 x 46.513.2 x 11.9 x 4515.5 x 12 x 46.212 x 15.09 x 46.25
Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty

They have some similarities too:

  • Corded and Bagless.
  • Anti-allergen complete seal system to trap allergen and dust, and expels fresh air.
  • No automatic cord rewind.
  • Carry 5-year limited warranty.