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Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum IZ163H vs IZ162H vs IZ162HC what’s the difference?

The difference between Shark IZ162H, IZ162HC and IZ163H are as follows:

  • The IZ162H comes with a Standard Wand, a Pet Multi-Tool, and an 8-inch Crevice Tool.
  • The IZ162HC comes with a Standard Wand, an Upholstery Tool, and an 8-inch Crevice Tool.
  • The IZ163H comes with a MultiFLEX Wand, a Pet Multi-Tool, and an 8-inch Crevice Tool.

Simple info on the attachments:

  • The Standard Wand cannot bend whereas the MultiFLEX Wand can flex down to easily get under bed, chair, table and other furniture, or flex over to stand upright by its own for storage. So if you want a stick vacuum that bends, you should get the IZ163H. However, the MultiFLEX Wand can be purchased separately. If you already have the IZ162H or IZ162HC, you can also buy the flexible wand to replace the standard wand with no need to purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

    screenshot from user guide

    screenshot from user guide

  • The 8-inch Crevice Tool can be used to help clean baseboards, crevice and cranny.
  • The Upholstery Tool is designed for removing pet hair and large debris from mattresses, upholstered surfaces, and delicate fabrics.
  • The Pet Multi-Tool is a 2-in-1 tool which you can attach the brush to clean stuck-on messes, or detach the brush to use it as an upholstery tool for removing stubborn pet hair and large piles of debris.

images from Shark official site

Except for the included tools, they are almost the same.

All these tools can be purchased separately, and there are also other optional accessories available, such as multiflex under appliance wand and mini motorized pet tool.

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The same things these Shark Rocket Pet Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaners have:

  • They are powered by 1900mAh 21.6V Li-Ion battery which is replaceable, part number is XSBT620.
  • They have battery indicator to show battery power level.
  • 2-in-1 design: can be used as a stick vacuum to clean hard floors and carpet, or a hand held vacuum to do above floor cleaning, automobile cleaning, etc.
  • Self-cleaning brushroll uses silicone fins instead of bristle brush to clean both carpet and hard floors.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal and HEPA filtration help trap messes inside the vacuum.
  • They have swivel cleaner head.
  • They have LED headlights on the nozzle.

Some questions and answers:

  • How many settings does it have?
    There are 2 settings, and a trigger to pull if you want to increase power to the two settings.
  • How long will it take to fully change?
    Approximately 3 – 3.5 hours.
  • How long will the battery run per charge?
    Depends on what mode you set.
    According to Shark, when using without the nozzle, it can run up to 40 minutes.
    When using as a stick vacuum, it can run approximately 25 minutes in bare floor mode and 20 minutes in carpet mode.
    When using in Boost mode, it will run approximately 10 minutes.
  • If run out of battery, can it be used when it is plugged in charging?
  • Does it come with a charging station?
    It comes with a plug in charger. You can remove the battery to charge, or charge it without removing the battery.
  • Does it have a wall mount?
    No. And there is no wall mount available for purchase.
  • Do you have to keep holding down a trigger to produce suction?
    If you want to use the Boost mode for extra power, you have to pull the trigger.
    There is also a switch you can slide to choose other modes you want, if you do not use the Boost mode, you do not have to keep pressing any button.
  • Does the nozzle have a motorized roller?
  • Can you turn off the rotating brushroll?
    No. Even in bare floor setting, the brushroll still keeps spinning, but at a slower speed.
  • Can the vacuum stand up by its own?
    No. However, the model with flexible wand can fold to stand upright for storage. And the flexible wand can also be purchased separately.
    If you want a stick vacuum that stands on its own, you can have a look at the Shark Uplight, however, it is corded.
  • How big is the dust bin?
    The dust cup capacity is 0.34 dry quarts.


  • Battery is detachable to charge, so you can buy a spare one to extend the working time. And when the battery die, you can still use the machine by ordering a replacement battery. This is a plus compared to those cordless vacuums that use a built-in battery which cannot be replaced by users. Because the battery will die sooner or later, I think most people prefer a cordless vacuum with replaceable battery.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal system with HEPA filtration trap dust, dander, and allergens inside the vacuum, make the Shark Rocket Pet Pro a good handheld and stick vacuum option for allergy sufferer. For handheld and stick vacuum with HEPA filter, there are limited options on the market.
  • Less tangled hair problem on the self cleaning brushroll than other vacuums.
  • Battery indicator light to show remaining charge and charging status.
  • Easy to maneuver around.
  • Easy to switch out tools.
  • Have headlights to help clean low light spots.

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  • If you do your research on the IZ162H, you probably have found that many users complain that hair get wrapped on the little wheels at the front of the floor nozzle, and also on the narrow brush behind the self cleaning brushroll. Don’t know if the IZ163H have the same problems.
    Some users shared their experience on solving the hair tangle issue on the small wheels – replace the velvet covered wheels with rubber wheels.
  • There are some user reviews pointed out that hair and other messes might be collected around the central hole of the nozzle without being sucked up into the dust cup.
  • No kits to attach the tools on board.
  • Does not do a good job on carpets.
  • Download manual to learn more:

    Shark Vertex AZ2000 series vs Apex AZ1000 series Upright Vacuum Cleaners what’s the difference?

    We will compare Shark Vertex and Apex upright vacuums in this post to help you make an informed purchase.

    Below are some differences between Shark Vertex and Apex upright vacuum cleaners, if you are deciding between these two vacuum series, the information below may be helpful to you.

    • Brush Design
      This is the biggest difference between them. The Vertex features flexible silicone fins to replace the bristle brush on the Apex. Shark claims that the so called PowerFins dig deep into carpets and engage floors directly, it helps pick up more dirt, debris, and pet hair in every pass than the bristle brush.

      image from Shark infomercial

    • Headlights
      The Vertex has only LED headlights on the nozzle whereas the Apex has LED lights on the nozzle and handle.
      The lights on the handle is useful when you use the accessories to clean low light spots. If you are one of those who love the lights on the handle, go for the Apex.
      The Vertex headlights are at the center of the nozzle whereas the lights on the Apex are on the sides (at front).

      images from Shark infomercials

    • Bin Size
      The Vertex has a larger dust container. It holds up to one quart while the bin capacity of Apex is 0.88 quarts.

    Buy Shark Vertex Upright at Amazon

    Except for the above differences, they are similar:

    • Powered Lift-Away: allow you to release the canister and use the motorized nozzle to clean carpets and hard floors, this is useful when you want to vacuum under furniture; the lift away feature is also convenient when doing above floor cleaning, you can detach the pod and use the hose with accessories to clean stairs, counter tops, ceiling fans, etc.
    • Dual Brush Rollers: 2 brush rollers to tackle both hard floors and carpeted surfaces.
    • Self Cleaning Brushroll: Shark claims that the self cleaning brushroll technology actively removes hair with no wrapping issues when you vacuum.
    • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with a HEPA filter capture 99.9 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, this is good for people who suffer from allergy and asthma.
    • Active-Glide Technology: maneuver smoothly on both hard floors and carpets while maintaining powerful suction.

    Comparison Chart of Shark Apex and Vertex

     Shark Apex AZ1000 SeriesShark Vertex AZ2000 Series
    Power SourceCordedCorded
    Power Specs1350W, 11.3A, 120V,60Hz1400W, 11.8A, 120V,60Hz
    Cord Length30-foot30-foot
    Path Width11-inch12-inch
    Dust Collection TypeBaglessBagless
    Capacity0.88 quarts1 quart
    Powered Lift AwayYesYes
    On/Off Controlon the handleon the handle
    Surface Options3 settings: Thick Carpet/Area Rug, Carpet,Low Pile, Hard Floor3 settings: Thick Carpet/Area Rug, Carpet,Low Pile, Hard Floor
    DuoCleanYes, a bristle brush roller and a soft rollerYes, a roller with flexible silicone fins and a soft roller
    Self Cleaning BrushrollYesYes
    Brush On/OffNoNo
    Suction ControlNo separate controlNo separate control
    Anti Allergen Complete SealYesYes
    HEPA FilterYesYes
    Pile Height AdjusterNo separate height adjustmentNo separate height adjustment
    Hose5.5-foot hose5.5-foot hose
    Headlightson nozzle and handleon nozzle
    Weight17.1 pounds16.38 pounds
    Warranty5 year limited warranty5 year limited warranty
    (L x W x H)
    11.2" X 12.2" X 46"12" X 15.09" X 46.25"
    User Guidehttps://m.sharkclean.com/include/pdf/manual-az1000.pdfhttps://m.sharkclean.com/include/pdf/manual-az2002.pdf

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    Some questions and answers:

    • Can you turn off the brush rollers when vacuuming hard floors?
      No. There’s no brush on/off control. If you turn on the machine, the brushes only stop when the vacuum cleaner is in upright position.
    • Can you adjust the suction level?
      There is no control to adjust the suction only. However, there are 3 surface settings to provide different levels of suction power.
    • Can you adjust the height of the brushrolls?
      They have 3 floor settings for hard floors and carpets, however, there is no control to adjust the height of the rollers.
    • Do they have automatic cord reel?
      No. You have to wind the cord manually.
    • Do they have HEPA filter?
    • Are the filters washable?
    • Are they dual voltage, do they work on 220 volts?
    • Can you turn off the headlights?
      No, the lights cannot be turned off.
    • Do they use bags?
      No, they are bagless.
    • Do they use belts?
      Yes. They use belts to rotate the brushrolls.
    • Where are they made?
      Made in China.

    Shark Vertex DuoClean PowerFin Upright Vacuum Models Comparison

    The difference between Shark Vertex AZ2000 and AZ2002 upright vacuum cleaners is the color scheme and what accessories are included.

    images from Shark infomercial

    AZ2000 is in black, grey and blue, comes with 2 attachments: a 12-inch Crevice Tool and an Upholstery Tool.

    AZ2002 is in black, grey and rose gold, come with 3 attachments: a Dusting Brush, a Pet Crevice Tool, and a Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush. At this moment, we can find it at Amazon.com, bestbuy.com, and sharkclean.com.

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    The Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush
    is an air driven tool that helps to remove pet hair and dirt from carpeted surfaces and upholstered surfaces with no hair wrap feature.

    image from Shark infomercial

    The Shark Vertex Upright Vacuum cleaner is a newly released model, what’s new in this Shark vacuum is that it uses flexible silicone fins to replace traditional bristles, you can see that in the infomercial picture:

    image from Shark infomercial

    According to Shark, the PowerFins helps pick up more dirt, debris, and pet hair for every single pass, clean better and faster than the original DuoClean nozzle. In fact, the PowerFin roller does not just have the silicone fins, it still have soft bristles between the silicone fins.

    More information about Shark Vertex Upright Vacuum you may want to know before buying:

    • DuoClean PowerFins utilize a brush roll with silicone fins to clean carpet deeply and engage hard floor directly, and a soft roll to help pick up particles from hard floors and gives the floor a polished look.
    • Self-Cleaning Brushroll lowers hair wrap problems.
    • Powered Lift Away feature makes the vacuum versatile, you can lift away the pod for above floor cleaning or using the motorized nozzle to get under low profile furniture.

      image from Shark infomercial

    • Hypervelocity Accelerated Suction: Shark claim that it generates the most powerful suction of any Shark vacuum.
    • Fingertip Controls to turn on/off the vacuum, switch between surface settings with no need to bend down.
    • Anti Allergen Complete Seal System with HEPA filter capture 99.99 percent of dust and allergen down to 0.3 microns.
    • Active-Glide Technology: maneuver smoothly on both hard floors and carpets while maintaining powerful suction.
    • LED Headlights on the nozzle illuminate low light spots for thorough cleaning.

      image from Shark infomercial

    • 3 Surface Options, including Thick Carpet/Area Rug, Carpet/Low Pile, and Hard Floor, to fit different cleaning needs, tackle both hard floors and carpeted surfaces.
    • Washable pre-motor and post-motor filter, the pre-motor filters should be replaced every 2.5 years, the post-motor filter should be replaced every 3 years.
    • 5 year limited warranty.

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    • one quart dust cup capacity
    • 12-inch cleaning path width
    • weighs 16.38 pounds
    • Power Specs: 1344 watts,11.8 amps,120V,60hz
    • 30-foot power cord
    • 5.5-foot hose
    • Dimensions: 12″ X 15.09″ X 46.25″ (LxWxH)

    Questions and Answers you may want to know:

    • Does it have lights on the handle?
      No. There are only headlights on the nozzle.
    • Is there a suction control?
      No separate suction adjuster. The 3 different surface settings provide different suction power levels and brush roller speeds.
    • Does it allow you to adjust the pile height?
      No separate height adjustment.
    • Does it have brush on/off control? Can you turn off the brush roller when vacuum hard floors?
      No. If you turn on the vacuum, the brush will only be off when the vacuum is in upright position.
    • Does the cleaner head swivel?


    • Easy to put together.
    • Large dust bin.
    • Sucton is good.
    • Easy to maneuver.
    • The powered lift away feature makes it versatile, it allows you to release the pod from the vacuum, and using the motorized nozzle to clean, this is convenient for getting under low profile furniture such as beds and couches. And this is also good for cleaning stairs, high and low spots, auto interior,etc. when attaching accessories.
    • Fingertip control for easy power on and off, and switching between surface settings without bending over, this is convenient if you have mixed surfaces.
    • Dust cup is easy to empty.
    • Filters are washable, easy to clean up.
    • The Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter work well, it ejects clean air. For those who suffer from allergy and asthma, this is a plus.
    • Headlights on the nozzle help clean dark spots.

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    • Pricey. A bit more expensive than expected.
    • For its price tag, it would be better to include a mini motorized hand tool.
    • On-board storage for 2 tools only. If you buy the version with more tools, you will have to find place to store the extra tools.
    • The self cleaning brush design requires less maintenance, however, hair still wraps around the rollers.

    You can download manual at sharkclean.com to learn more about this new Shark upright vacuum series. If you want to get the link directly, here it is:

    Compare Shark UltraCyclone Models

    The Shark UltraCyclone Cordless Handheld Vacuum has a few models on the market at this moment:

    • Shark UltraCyclone Pro CH901
    • Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro CH950
    • Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus CH951

    So, what’s the difference between the Shark UltraCyclone Pro CH901, Pet Pro CH950 and Pet Pro Plus CH951?

    images from Shark official site sharkclean. com

    The difference between them are as it follows:

    • Power specs:
      The Pro CH901: 7.2V, 65W, 9amps, (anyone know the battery spec, please share by commenting)
      Pet Pro CH950: 10.8V, 80W, 8amps, 2000ma battery
      Pet Pro Plus CH951: 10.8V, 80W, 8amps, 2000ma battery
    • Weight
      The Pro CH901 is lighter than the other two, it weighs about 2.2 lbs. While the Pet Pro CH950 and Pet Pro Plus CH951 weigh 2.8 lbs.
    • Accessories
      The Pro CH901 comes with a Crevice Tool to help clean tight corners, baseboard edges, and other
      hard to reach spots, and a Scrubbing Brush to scrub door mats, area rugs, seats,etc. to remove stuck-on dirt.

      images from shark official site

      The Pet Pro CH950 comes with a Crevice Tool and a Motorized Pet Power Brush with rotating brushroll to help clean pet hair and debris from car seats, upholstery, couches, and more.

      images from shark official site

      The Pet Pro Plus CH951 comes with a Crevice Tool, a Scrubbing Brush and a Self Cleaning Motorized Pet Power Brush which is claimed to be able to picking up pet hair from car seats, upholstery, couches, etc. without hair wrap issues.

      images from Shark official site

      All accessories above can be purchased at Shark official website sharkclean.com.
    • Color
      The Pro CH901 is in Green, Pet Pro CH950 is in Burgundy, Pet Pro Plus CH951 is in Black.
    • Price
      Commonly, the Pro CH901 is the cheapest while the Pet Pro+ CH951 is the most expensive.

    Check Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ Price at Amazon

    These Shark UltraCyclone bagless handheld vacuum cleaners are powered by lithium ion battery. They can be used to clean home, boat, autos, and more. The two Pet versions also come with motorized tool to help remove pet hair from upholstered and carpeted surface.

    Specifications, information, questions and answers you may want to know:

    • Dust cup capacity is 0.45 quarts/0.11 gallons.
    • CleanTouch Dirt Eject feature allows users to empty the bin without touching the mess.
    • UltraCyclone technology that utilizes two cyclonic air streams to provide suction and help prolong filter and motor life.
    • Use lithium-ion battery.
    • Come with an AC adapter.
    • Carry 2 year limited warranty.
    • How long does it take to fully charged?
      Battery charging time is approximately 6 hours.
    • How long will it run per charge?
      The running time is approximately 10 to 15 minutes, depends on what accessory is used with.
    • Can you leave the UltraCyclone on the charger when idle?
      According to Shark customer service, Yes. They said it’s ok to leave the vacuum connected to the charger.
    • Do they come with a charging dock?
      No. The charger included is a plug in charger.
      Shark does offer a charging dock that can be purchased separately.
    • Do they come with a wall mount for storing the vacuum and accessory?
    • Is the battery swappable?
      No. You can not use an additional battery to swap, the built-in battery is not replaceable.
    • Do they use HEPA filter?
      No. They use a fabric filter which is rinsable, the filter should be replaced every 6 to 9 months to get best cleaning results.
    • Can they be used to pick up wet messes?
      No, they are not wet dry vacuum, they can only be used to vacuum dry debris.
    • Where are they manufactured?

    Check Shark UltraCyclone Price at Amazon

    Download Shark UltraCyclone manual to learn more:

    Shark VacMop VM200 vs VacMop Pro VM252 what’s the difference?

    The differences between Shark VacMop VM200 and VacMop Pro VM252 cordless hard floor vacuum mop are:

    • The VacMop Pro VM252 has a Magnetic Charger and Magnetic Charging Connector whereas the VacMop VM200 has a Standard Charger and Standard Charging Connector.
      One end of the cord of the magnetic charger is a round magnetic connector which just sticks to the charging area of the vacmop to charge it, not like the standard charging connector that needs to plug into the vacmop to change. Seems the magnetic design is safer, say you have little kids or sometimes you accidentally lift it up without disconnect the charging connector.

      images from Shark infomercial

      image from Shark VacMop Pro manual

      images from Shark VacMop manual

    • The VacMop Pro VM252 has Automatic LED Headlights whereas the VacMop VM200 does not have any headlights. The lights will help you see hidden debris in low light areas.
      “When the VACMOP is in use, the motion sensor will automatically activate the headlights. After 10 seconds of inactivity, the headlights will turn off.”

      images from Shark infomercials

    Otherwise, they are the same.

    Check Shark VacMop Pro Price at Amazon

    These Shark little machines are vacuum mop combo for sealed hardwood, laminate floors, stone, vinyl, tile, marble, and linoleum.
    They can vacuum, spray solution, and mop. They can handle dry messes like crumble and liquid spills. Unlike other mops that just drag dust and debris around the floors, the VacMops have the ability to pick up dust and small debris. There is a small built-in chamber to collect the debris on the VacMop disposable pad. So no need to empty dust cup after every use. You just lift the VacMop over a trash can, press a button to release the disposable pad, and it’s done. They also have no filters to clean. Thus, almost zero maintenance required.

    Other Shark MopVac/MopVac Professional Features and Specifications:

    • They are light weight, weigh less than 5 pounds.
    • They have a reservoir to hold the floor cleaner solution. No tanks for collecting dirty liquid. Wet messes are absorbed by the disposable pad.
    • They do not stand by their own. You have to lean them against a wall or something else.
    • The is an indicator light at the front to tell you the battery status and charging status. When in use, solid green means normal operation; blinking green means low battery; blinking red means very low battery; rapid blinking red means out of battery. When charging, pulsing green means battery is charging; solid green means charged fully, and the light will turn off after 5 minutes automatically.
    • Use rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
    • Dimensions: 5.37″ X 9.5″ X 47.88″ (LxWxH)
    • Carry one year limited warranty.
    • Comes with (2)Disposable VacMop Pads, (1)12 oz. Floor Cleaner

    Check Shark VacMop Pro Price at Amazon

    Some Questions and Answers:

    • Do the VacMop/Pro steam floors?
      No. They vacuum and mop. Not steamers.
    • Can you use them to clean carpets or area rugs?
      They are designed for hard floors, not for carpet cleaning.
    • How long does it take to fully charge?
      Approximately 3.5 hours.
    • How long can it run for a full charge?
      How long the charge last depends on how you use it.
      For common use, it runs approximately 11- 15 minutes. The more you use the spray and vacuum function, the shorter it runs.
    • Do the VacMop/Pro have pick up pet hair?
      Yes, it has suction to pull in pet hair, and the disposable mop pad is also a magnet for pet hair.
    • Can you use the VacMop without the pad attached?
      No. You should always use it with
      the disposable pad attached.
    • When should you replace the disopable pad?
      According to Shark, how many times you can use the pad depends on how wet the pad gets and how full the chamber is. When the pad gets fully saturated, the dust chamber is full, or the pad gets dirty to cause the VacMop to lose suction and not pick up debris, it is recommended to replace the pad.
    • Can you just empty the chamber on the pad instead of throwing away the whole pad?
      No. The dust chamber is not designed for reuse.
    • Are there any reusable pads for these VacMops?
      At this moment, Shark have not produced any reusable pads for the VacMops.
    • Where can I buy Shark VacMop Disposable Pads?
      If you cannot find them on big retailer websites, the best place you could get them is Shark official site. You can also get the Hardwood Cleaner Refill and Multi-Surface Cleaner Refill there.
    • How much does the disposable pad cost?
      On Shark official site, the pad is priced at approximately 0.80 dollars per piece. (Price checked in June 2020.)


    • Vey easy to assemble.
    • Picks up dog hair and cleans those dirty paws.
    • No filters and dust bin to clean up after each use.
    • Compact and light weight, no problem to carry up and down stairs.
    • Cordless. If you hate the cord, this is a plus.


    • Cost. Shark does not offer a reusable pad option. One disposable pad costs about 0.80 dollars and one bottle of 2L cleaner refill costs about 10 dollars at Shark official site. If you clean the floor everyday, you should consider the extra cost.

    Check Shark VacMop Pro Price at Amazon

    Overall, this Shark vacuum mop combo does its job, it is good for quick pick up small debris, tackling small spills and for light use. If you have large house, very dirty floor, too much pet hair to take care,etc., this compact machine would not be a good choice.