Shark Rocket vs Shark Rocket Powerhead which is better for your needs?

Shark HV300 vs AH452

Though both of the Shark Rocket original and Shark Rocket Powerhead are lightweight vacuum, they belong to 2 different types of vacuum cleaners. If you do some research, you will find that they are very different from each other and they meet different cleaning needs. So you’d better learn the main difference between them before placing an order so that you buy the right one.

You can use the Rocket as a stick or a handheld vacuum whereas the Rocket Powerhead is just a compact upright, it cannot transform into a handheld.
The Powerhead is designed for cleaning floors only, it has no attachments, it does not support any attachments.
The Rocket is a more versatile vacuum, it can connect with tools to clean upholstery, curtains, crevice, etc. It has cleaning wand that allows you to vacuum high and low areas.
So, if you want a vacuum to clean everything, anywhere around your house, you definitely would not like to buy the Powerhead.

The Powerhead is more powerful, its technical specifications are 600W, 120V., 60Hz, 5A versus 500W, 120V., 60Hz, 4.2A on the Rocket.

Suction Control
The Rocket has no suction control.
The Powerhead has suction control on the nozzle.

Cleaning Width
They both have low profile head to get under furniture, but Rocket has lighter and narrower head to get into smaller spaces.

The Rocket is wall mountable whereas the Powerhead does not.

They are lightweight vacuum cleaner, both weigh less than 9 lbs.
The Rocket has a motor on the handle part, so it is a little too heavy at handle. And this also disable it from standing by itself.
The Powerhead has most the weight on the floor because the motor and dust cup are on the head, you feel almost no weight in the handle.

Hard Floor Cleaning
The Rocket comes with Dust-Away Floor Tool with Microfiber Pad for getting your hard floor dust free.
The Powerhead has a all surface brushroll for cleaning from carpets to hard floors. Some Powerhead models like AH452 also include an interchangeable Gentle Touch hard floor brushroll that is designed specifically for bare floors.

They are corded and bagless, dust bin is small, needs to be emptied often.
They have washable filter, fingertip control, motorized brushroll with 2 speeds, swivel steering.
They have no brush off control nor manual carpet height adjuster.

If you need a lightweight vacuum cleaner for quick pick ups, vacuum stairs, under bed, cobwebs, etc., the Rocket is a good choice.
If you want a low profile compact vacuum with more stronger suction for only carpet and hard floors, the Powerhead meets your needs.

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